Kevin McCarthy: Biden Administration Has Broken Its Word With Failed Handling Of COVID

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After the CDC updated their federal guidance to include indoor masks, regardless of vaccination status, the rollbacks called into question whether the Biden administration had been too quick to relax guidelines and now risked losing some of the public’s confidence.

President Joe Biden’s response has been criticized about its messaging on the virus, including confusing guidance this week as to when and why vaccinated people would need to resume wearing masks indoors.

“I know this is hard to hear. I know it’s frustrating. I know it’s exhausting to think we’re still in this fight,” Biden said to reporters at the White House on Thursday, per The AP. “And I know we hoped this would be a simple, straightforward line, without problems or new challenges. But that isn’t real life.”

The surging delta variant of COVID that has forced the restoration of mask guidelines has threatened Biden’s central promise that he would lead the United States out of the pandemic.

The Associated Press reports that just weeks after Biden had decreed July 4th to be the day that America declared its “independence” from the virus, Americans who reveled in a return to normalcy are now being asked to wear masks again.

“They broke their word. They broke their own rules,” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. “And now they’ve broken the trust of the American people.”

And when U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy suggested parents wear masks at home with their kids to better protect them against COVID-19, and not surprisingly, critics had a field day.

Written by Megan Turner

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      • Refuse to comply with Dicktator Pelosi’s mask mandate for starters. Gather medical professionals together who will support his statements and go public with it. Use his connections and influence to lead a counteattack. SO many options but it starts with growing a pair and putting your brain to work, he has been there for years he should have plenty of other, better ideas than these… instead of hiding in his office like a simpering coward afraid to be labeled an Oppressive White Male or worst of all… a RAY-CIST!

  1. Stupid. Both McCarthy and Biden. Gee let’s go do the same thing that did nothing the first time. This time we will get a different result. The definition of insanity. People under 65 who are not fat and not sick with other diseases do not need to wear masks or social distance or any of that stupid shit. If you get sick, take HCQ/ZPac/zinc or substitute Ivermecten at the beginning and you should be fine. In the vast majority, you will be completely fine. This is completely insane.

  2. McCarthy continues to show what a spineless worm he is and why I have no faith in Republicans to do anything to stop the left wing decent onto madness this country is on. What kind of idiot even believes a Democrat would stick to their word on something like this in the first place? As stupid as Reagan defenders proclaiming he gave amnesty trusting them Dems would bargain on fixing immigration after.

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