Kevin Hart Tore His Abdomen After Trying To Race Stevan Ridley In A 40-Yard Dash

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Comedian Kevin Hart found out the hard way that athletes aren’t like us.

The 44-year-old movie star told fans on Wednesday that he tried taking a joke a little too far when he thought it’d be cute to race against friend and former NFL running back Stevan Ridley.

The two decided to do a 40-yard dash. Ridley used to run that in 4.66 seconds in his prime.

Soon the laughs became cries as Hart found himself in the hospital with multiple tears in his abdomen and lower body as he now will have plenty of time to work on writing some jokes from the comfort of a wheelchair.


“Ladies and gentlemen, the age 40 is real… it’s not a game out there… respect that age, respect that age,” Hart began. “I know people will see me out and I don’t want you to be alarmed but I’m in a wheelchair because I tried to do some young man stuff and I was told to sit my ass down… me and Steven Ridley got into a debate over whose faster,” Hart continued.

The two decided to do a 40-yard-dash before Hart says he “blew all his shit…” and disclosing that he “tore his lower abdomen and abductors,” which he jokes he doesn’t even know what those are. “Sit down,” Hart then yelled at himself before calling himself “the stupidest man alive.”

Hart says he’ll be in a wheelchair and out for six to eight weeks as he recovers.

Stevan Ridley runs a 4.47 40-yard-dash. (Photo by: 2018 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images)


What’s hilarious about the whole thing is that it’s not like Hart decided to throw on some pads and go 1 on 1 against Ridley. It’s not like he tried outlifting him in a weight room.

He hurt himself by … running.

Talk about a lame way to go down. “Oh dude, that’s a wild injury what happened?!”
“…I got hurt running.”

Honestly, I didn’t even know you could tear your abdomen and stomach from running but good to know as that gives me even more excuses to not hit a treadmill anytime soon.

So far, no word from Ridley yet on the matter. But maybe a couple of box seats at an upcoming game for one of Ridley’s former teams like the Pats or Steelers will suffice? Who am I kidding, Ridley ain’t doing that. He’s living it up in his group chats with his other buddies laughing about blowing out Hart’s legs.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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