Kevin Harlan Complains CBS Showed His Awesome Reaction To Furman/UVA Ending

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Kevin Harlan wasn’t pleased CBS shared his reaction to Furman upsetting UVA.

The Paladins shocked the college basketball world by upsetting the Cavaliers in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament. Furman drilled a three after one of the dumbest turnovers in recent college football memory.

Harlan, like everyone else watching, was in a state of shock and couldn’t contain his excitement. CBS Sports shared a Twitter clip of the broadcasters going crazy, and it’s been viewed more than 6.2 million times.

However, the famous broadcaster isn’t pleased.

Kevin Harlan is unhappy the clip was shared.

“It is 110 percent organic because you’re so lost in the game, sincerely, the last thing you’re thinking about is that a camera’s on you. I think I join a chorus of other announcers who do not like the camera … This is kind of a personal space, and I have voiced my concern to both CBS and Turner,” Harlan said on a podcast with Richard Deitsch when discussing the situation, according to Mediaite.

“Kind of embarrassed by it. I’m not comfortable with it. I understand why CBS would want to use that, and I guess I trust my bosses more than I trust myself in this situation. At the same time, if they asked me my preference, I would have said, ‘please don’t put that up there,’ and I still feel the same way,” Harlan further explained when talking about his feelings.

Is Harlan overreacting?

The answer to whether or not Harlan is overreacting is 100%, yes, he is. The man is paid to be a commentator and broadcast games.

You need to know the nature of the beast you’re in. Broadcasters are shown from time to time. The UFC makes a killing showing Rogan’s reaction to huge knockouts.

People want to see how individuals involved are reacting. Complaining about this would be like enlisting to join the infantry and then complaining guns are involved. Do you not know what you’re getting involved with? If you’re camera shy, then you’re 100% in the wrong business, Harlan. It’s really that simple.

Kevin Harlan complains about UVA/Furman reaction being shown. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

It was an awesome moment. Harlan’s reaction was the same as a lot of people watching. There’s no need to get upset or irritated about it. Embrace and enjoy the moment. It’s what March is all about!

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