Kevin Durant Joins Pickleball Craze That’s Sweeping The Nation

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Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant is officially a two-sport athlete now that he has picked up the fastest growing sport in America, pickleball.

The wiffle ball-using bastard child of tennis and badminton with a splash of ping-pong is sweeping the nation and KD is the latest to succumb to its siren song.

Kevin Durant isn’t the first NBA start to lace ’em up on the pickleball court, Giannis Antetokounmpo did it last year.

Meanwhile, Drew Brees is getting in on the craze as an owner.

Getting high-profile athletes like Kevin Durant to break a sweat on the pickleball court is huge for the sport that has seen a massive surge in popularity.

According to Forbes, it’s the fastest growing sport in America and has seen a 40% jump in players over the last 2 years.

I always heard lacrosse was the sport of the future; turns out it’s pickleball.

I played pickleball in high school gym class, and until recently, I genuinely thought our teacher made it up to keep us occupied while he could retreat to his office and play online blackjack.

Turns out it’s real, and not only is it real, but it’s also a sensation. I mean, how much bigger can a sport get once it gets the Bill Gates stamp of approval?

He’s been playing it for 50 years!

That’s right, ol’ Billy G liked pickleball before it was cool.

I bet behind closed doors he goes on extended rants about all these new pickleball poseurs.

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