Hot Mic Catches Florida Fan Roast Kentucky Basketball Player With Hilarious Niche Chirp

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Although Kentucky got back on track with a win over Florida on Wednesday night, Gators fans did everything they could to will their team to victory. It led to hilarious hot mic moments throughout the evening, but one specific chirp stood out above the rest.

Early in the second half, one Florida faithful literally took matters into his own hands.

Had he been playing in the game, he would have been hit with a technical and ejected.

Instead, his courtside seats will surely be revoked. No coming back from that one!

In addition to the over-aggressive courtside sitter, a female fan’s voice shined through on the broadcast throughout the evening. Her ear-splitting heckling was picked up on the hot mic all night.

One particular quip stood out, because it came with less than 10 seconds left in the contest. Credit where credit is dueβ€” she was relentless from tipoff to final buzzer.

And where a lot of fans may yell things like “fβ€”k you” or “you suck,” she was on her A-game!

As the Wildcats lined up to shoot irrelevant late-game free throws, the woman’s funniest one-liner of the evening echoed throughout the Stephen C. O’Connell Center. She turned aim toward one of the Kentucky players and told him that he looks like an “apple jack cinnamon stick.”

For reference, here is the character for which she was referring:

Apple Jacks CinnaMon Mascot

It was a pretty creative callback to a very niche series of commercials, which is refreshing in an era of heckling that has devolved into mundane simplicity. Unfortunately, though, it was the only one of her chirps that made its way online, so we cannot relive the rest of her evening.

You’ll just have to take my word for itβ€” she was on point!

Written by Grayson Weir

Grayson doesn't drink coffee. He wakes up Jacked.


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  1. The way the arena is set up you can hear the student section VERY distinctly like this. In fact I recognize that chick’s voice from other games I’ve watched this year. The best one I think was a few years ago I think against Georgia…a particularly rambunctious fan called one of the players ‘chickenlegs’ (and it was an appropriate nickname). Late in the game when he fouled out, instead of the ‘left, right, left, right’ that you always hear as the away team’s player heads to the bench the student section instead said ‘chicken, legs, chicken, legs’. No bias but UF has the best student section experience for the opponent in the country.

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