Kenny Smith Launches Shaquille O’Neal Into Christmas Tree on ‘Inside the NBA’

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Stay out of Kenny ‘The Jet’ Smith’s way, or you’ll be taking flight.

Tuesday night’s matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers was basically background noise to the Inside the NBA hijinks that the crew delivered at halftime.

Ready for his big-screen analysis, The Jet bolted for the screen and ran into the gargantuan Shaquille O’Neal, who jumped out of his seat to outrun Smith.

Kenny wasn’t having it and launched Shaq into a set of Christmas decorations, including a massive tree where O’Neal got buried.

Despite their size difference — with Shaq being a full foot taller and double Smith’s weight at 320 lbs. — O’Neal traveled a considerable distance off the shove. It took both Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley to dig him out of the tree.


Barkley had his own slip-up on Tuesday after being way off target on his pronunciation of “Jayson Tatum.”

It’s the best primetime NBA analysis show in the biz for a reason.

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