Kendrick Perkins Gets MVP Vote, Likes Tweet Suggesting He Won’t Vote For A White Player

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Kendrick Perkins revealed the NBA awarded him an MVP vote for the second straight season.

The inclusion of Perkins raises the question: Will he use his racial bias when casting the ballot?

Are white players ineligible for his vote?


Perkins’ proudest career moment came this month when he accused white voters, without evidence, of voting for unworthy white players on account of racism.

A baseless accusation it was. Only five white players have won the award in the past 33 years.

Perkins came across as uninformed, unhinged, and unintelligent (his industry reputation). As well as territorial about white man Nikola Jokic impeding on an overwhelmingly black league.

He made clear he did not want a white MVP winner this season.

Those are just THE FACTS.

The face of privilege.

Only one NBA MVP voter has revealed a racial bias. And it’s not one of the white voters, who make up far less of the pool than Perkins claimed on ESPN.

Moreover, Perkins is without an incentive to hide his racial bias when voting. ESPN did not punish him for his reckless, inflammatory commentary.

In fact, ESPN quickly inserted him as a guest on its top-rated PTI program to show its support following the virality of his remarks.

Kendrick Perkins is PRIVILEGED.

The capitalization is as obnoxious here as it was in Perkins’ now-deleted Twitter tirade about white folks.

Interestingly, Perkins might be dumb and racist enough to admit that white players are ineligible for his vote. He appeared to admit as much, or endorse the idea when I asked him about it on Twitter Tuesday:

Unfortunately, Perkins may have already cost Jokic the award. As we discussed, his race-bait was a challenge to voters.

A challenge to white voters.

He dared voters to prove they are not racist, as his pal Bomani Jones also requested in Perkins’ defense.

Fragile white sportswriters know how lethal the race card is to their careers.

There’s only sufficient solution: vote against Jokic and his white skin color to leave no doubt you are not a racist.

Perkins has yet to call the many black voters who voted for Jokic the past two seasons “sellouts.” Perhaps that’ll be the topic of his next incoherent rant.

Sorry, Jokic. Your whiteness defeats your box score accomplishments. The color with which you were born already cost you Kendrick Perkins’ vote


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  1. Never fails, the loudest, and biggest racists are the very people who constantly accuse others of racist. Most probably think that by throwing around the ‘racist’ label, their employer, and others, will kow tow to them in hopes of not being made a target themselves.

  2. Jokic doesn’t care. He’d rather be raising horses in Serbia and plays to win a championship. That’s something Embiid will never get. Duck Embiid can win MVP. Unfortunately, the Nuggets won’t win the title because Colorado is fly over country and there aren’t enough of the NBA’s and ESPN’s target demographic that live in Denver. First series clinching game (or game 7) the league will assign Tony Brothers as one of the officials.

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