Kendrick Perkins Calls Out Gregg Popovich, Says He Needs To Humble Himself

We finally have someone with enough balls to stand up to the prickly Gregg Popovich. After years of watching Popovich bully media members from afar, former NBA player Kendrick Perkins has seen enough. Perkins unloaded on Popovich, questioning his coaching, asking for accountability and calling for Pop to “humble himself.”

Appearing on ESPN’s First Take, Perkins called Popovich out for failing to have Team USA prepared in consecutive exhibition losses: “We have to address the elephant in the room, and it’s Gregg Popovich. In these last two games (losses to Australia and Nigeria), he has been getting out-coached. He has done a poor job of having these guys prepared for these games on the defensive side of things.”

He was just getting started. Pop’s lack of respect for the media rubbed Perk the wrong way, and he wasn’t shy about expressing his displeasure, even questioning what Popovich has accomplished of late: “To take it to another level, I just don’t understand…and I’m not going at Gregg Popovich as a person. I’m talking about as a basketball coach and (the responsibilities associated with) being a basketball coach. Just like we hold players accountable with the way they address the media, how sensitive the players are. That interview that he did last night, and the disrespect he showed towards (the reporter) last night was flat out ridiculous. The (reporter) was doing his job.

“Greg Popovich…he should’ve been mad at himself. He should’ve went and screamed at himself,” continued Perkins. “He talked to the (reporter) like he was a child. When was the last time Gregg Popovich done something? Kawhi Leonard left (San Antonio) and showed the world that ‘I don’t need Pop. I can go win a ring on my own.'”

It gets better. Perk appeared ready to serve Popovich some humble pie, via First Take: “But besides all of that, listen. Gregg Popovich has to humble himself. We watch all-time great coaches like John Thompson be one of the class act guys when it comes to the media. We watched Red Auerbach be a class act guy when it comes to the media. Y’all take light to Gregg Popovich and those little comments he makes to the media, saying: ‘Oh that’s just Pop.’ I take it as a sign of disrespect. Just like we hold players accountable and say that they shouldn’t be sensitive, it’s their job to do the media. It’s also (a) head coach’s job to make sure they meet the requirements to do the media.”

If Perkins is still holding a mic, he can go ahead and drop it now.


Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Pop didn’t do anything wrong. Never even raised his voice.

    He didn’t slam his five rings on the table and say ‘what do you know?’ [although he could have]

    He corrected the record.

    Since when do people on this site assume the media is being fair?

  2. Popovich is an arrogant buffoon. He has been for a very long time. He has little respect for anyone other than himself.

    Based on how this is starting, the USA won’t even get out of their group. I’ll laugh my ass off looking at the failure of the NBA players, ALL OF THEM.

  3. Not a fan of Perk. Usually says some pretty dumb shit but he got this one right. Pop is a pompous whiny little bitch. Never could stand the guy. He’s one of those guys that thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room cuz he’s read some Lenin and Marx. We don’t like communism here Pop. Piss off.

  4. B is correct. Popovich thinks he’s the smartest and greatest coach of all time because dicks like Michael Wilbon say so. He got lucky and won because of hall of fame players.

  5. Just wrote a long ass comment and right as I was about to post it goes blank and disappears. Happens all the time. Tried to rewrite and it just happened again. What the fuck. Really pisses me off having to write a comment 2/3 times sometimes. Not going to do it a third time. Done for today. God bless.

  6. What?!? A WOKE liberal being a jerk just because they can? Talking down to the little people? Oh wait. . . that’s what they do because they are convinced they are better than everyone else. Perk and the rest of us should just shut up and bask in Popovich’s brilliance.

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