Best Hair In College Basketball Announces Return For Super Senior Year

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Keli Leaupepe is running it back! The best hair in college basketball is returning for his super senior year.

Leupepe, a name that most college basketball fans may not know, has grown a cult-like following over the last few seasons. West Coast Conference viewers have been treated to the Australia-native’s game — and glorious look — since 2019. Sickos on the East Coast have stayed up to watch him play since he arrived on campus. Others have been introduced to his greatness through social media.

If you are familiar with Keli Leupepe, welcome back. If you are not, welcome.

At 6-foot-6, 240 pounds, Leupepe was the leading rebounder for Loyola Marymount in 2022/23, and averaged the second-most points per game in an average of 32.1 minutes. The importance of his presence in the paint for the Lions cannot be understated.

They call him the Australian hammer for a reason.

But don’t leave him unguarded on the perimeter because he will knock down a triple in your face!

Looking for someone to run the court and drop a dime? He can do that too!

Loyola Marymount’s success on the hardwood largely relies on Leaupepe. Simply stated, when he is on, there is no stopping him.

And now, due to a blanket waiver granted to all athletes during the COVID-19-shortened 2019/20 season, Leaupepe is not leaving us just yet. His return is imminent and we, as fans, are better for it.

While his play is one thing, Leaupepe’s look is another. As is his persona, which is impossible to root against.

Keli Leaupepe fun facts. (via LMU Athletics)

Up until this past season, Leaupepe rocked a mullet that was simply unmatched. He also balanced out the party in the back with a mustache.

Although Leaupepe cut the lettuce ahead of his senior year, the mullet remained. Just on a smaller scale.

Keli Leaupepe, via LMU Athletics

By the end of the season, it was back to raging— even inside a ponytail.

Where Loyola Marymount’s first round conference tournament loss to BYU was once a tragic day for college basketball, it no longer comes with such sadness. Keli Leaupepe is running it back!

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