Keith Olbermann Says Katy Tur Beat Him Up While Dating, And He Disapproves Of Her Husband’s Vasectomy

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Former television host Keith Olbermann spent another podcast episode reminding listeners he once had a girlfriend.

Olbermann began a podcast this week by discussing “CBS Mornings” anchor Tony Dokoupil’s recent vasectomy. Dokoupil’s procedure intrigued Keith as he used to date Dokoupil’s wife, MSNBC anchor Katy Tur.

The deranged old man said he had been keeping secrets about Tur to himself, but Dokoupil getting snipped “pushed [him] over the edge.”

Keith Olbermann's ex-girlfriend, Katy Tur.
Keith Olbermann’s ex-girlfriend.

It’s unclear why Dokoupil’s decision to not again procreate enraged Mr. Olbermann to such a degree. But it did.

The longtime insufferable publicity addict called the married couple “insufferable publicity addicts” who are using a vasectomy to create “a photo op.” Whatever that means.

“[Dokoupil] finally ran out of the energy required to cover for her,” Olbermann states.

The rant took another bizarre turn from there. Keith says he went searching for his own name upon learning the news that the woman who dumped him plans not to have more children with another man.

“I’m reading stories about her husband getting a vasectomy, and I’m sitting there waiting to see how she managed to make this one my fault,” he goes on.

Again, whatever that means.

Keith Olbermann misses Katy Tur

The above statement prompted an unnatural segue into the dirty little secrets he’s been keeping bottled up for over a decade.

Per Mr. Keith, he dated Tur from 2006 and 2009, perhaps his personal dating record. Yet he claims he became a battered man during these years. Olbermann says Tur once physically abused him and it hurt.

“I have remained silent even though six days after her emergency appendectomy in 2007, she started punching and slapping me, with real intent to do harm, because the living room wasn’t clean enough in our place,” Olbermann continued.

Katy Tur's ex-boyfriend, Keith Olbermann.
Katy Tur’s ex-boyfriend.

“How exactly do you even try to defend yourself against a woman 125 pounds lighter and a foot shorter than you?”

We know what you are thinking:

A) “Their place”? You mean Tur actually lived with this guy?

B) So why didn’t Keith keep the living room clean? He wasn’t employed at the time. What else did he have to do?

Unfortunately, he didn’t explain.

Katy Tur isn’t the only ex in the news

While humiliating for Tur to see headlines reminding her she once dated the unstable, she isn’t the only Ex-Keith-Chick to consume frequent reminders of her more precarious decisions.

At 63 years old, Keith Olbermann often reflects back to the days he didn’t eat dinner alone in a room of adopted pets.

Did you know he once dated Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ)? If not, he’d like you to know and please talk about it.

He has been tweeting about his past relationship with Sen. Sinema for years. And often twice a month:

Sinema dumped Olbermann in 2010. Clearly, he still reeling from the news.

Had Olbermann kept the living room clean and his stability somewhat in check, perhaps he could have avoided his current condition:

Has he tried Plenty of Fish, the Tinder for those who can’t match on Tinder?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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