Keith Olbermann Thinks He Lives Rent-Free In Aaron Rodgers’ Head

You never know what Keith Olbermann is going to say these days. You know whatever he says is going to be naïve, unhinged from reality, and moronic, but you never know what’s coming next from the washed-up broadcaster these days.

The man that’s entire existence revolves around tweeting about how horrible the United States is most recently set his sights on Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers recently joined ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ and took a jab at Olbermann, specifically how he blindly told everyone on the planet to get the jab.

“Everybody who wanted to jump on me and trash me did, and showed their true colors. And very few people, in the media at least, stuck by me,” Rodgers told Rogan during the three-hour podcast.

“People just said, ‘just get the jab.’ The Keith Olbermanns of the world. ‘Just get the damn jab!’”.

“That guy is the gift that keeps giving,” Rogan said of Olbermann. “He is f-cking hilarious. Unintentionally hilarious like he’s a character in a movie. I love it, I hope he keeps talking.”


Olbermann of course caught wind of the Packers QB poking fun at him on the most listened-to podcast on Earth. He came to the conclusion that since Rodgers made fun of him that Olbermann lives “rent-free” in the quarterback’s head.

“I went and looked, since February I have sent one tweet mentioning Aaron Rodgers,” he said during a recent episode of his ‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann’ podcast. “And I have mentioned Aaron Rodgers once on this podcast and I am living in his head rent-free, as the kids say.”

Aaron Rodgers Tells Joe Rogan Reason Why He Hasn’t Gotten Vaccinated

If Olbermann lives ‘rent-free’ in anyone’s head, we should all feel very sorry for that person.

The only reason Rodgers mentioned Olbermann is to point out how wrong he, and the vast majority of everyone else in the media, has been catastrophically wrong about almost everything regarding the pandemic and the vaccine.

Written by Mark Harris


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