Keanu Reeves Open To Joining ‘Yellowstone’

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Keanu Reeves definitely isn’t ruling out appearing on “Yellowstone.”

The fate of “Yellowstone” continues to hang in the balance amid rumors Kevin Costner might leave the show. If he does, Matthew McConaughey is believed to be in talks to lead a new spin-off series.

It now sounds like fans can add another major name to the list of superstars potentially interested.

Is “Yellowstone” coming to an end? Keanu Reeves claims he’s interested in potentially joining. (Credit: Paramount Network)

“I’d love to do a western so yeah, yeah sure,” the star actor responded when  ET Canada asked if he’d do a “surprise role” on the series, according to Fox News.

Reeves’ history of performing in action films such as “John Wick” and “The Matrix” proves he wouldn’t have any problem unleashing some justice on the Dutton ranch.

Keanu Reeves doesn’t rule out joining “Yellowstone.” (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Would Keanu Reeves make sense for “Yellowstone”?

Again, nobody actually knows what’s going to happen with “Yellowstone.” Anyone other than Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner who claims they do is probably lying.

Never before have we seen one of TV’s biggest hits just get thrown into complete chaos. It really all comes down to whether or not Costner returns. If he does, Sheridan will probably quickly wrap things up and kill off John Dutton anyways.

If he doesn’t, all bets are off. At that point, you might as well give Keanu Reeves a call and gauge his interest. There’s no such thing as too much star power.

Reeves is an outstanding actor and if he’s up for a western, might as well give him a crack at it.

Will Keanu Reeves join “Yellowstone”? (Photo by Yuichi Yamazaki/Getty Images)

What are the odds “Yellowstone” falls apart?

The good news is that it seems unlikely “Yellowstone” comes completely crashing down. For the sake of argument, if Costner does drop completely out, Sheridan could easily continue the universe.

Hell, there’s an argument to be made that killing off John Dutton actually makes a ton of sense. If Sheridan does go that direction, Matthew McConaughey or Keanu Reeves would both be excellent new leads.

Either way, it seems improbable “Yellowstone” just comes to an immediate end. There’s simply too much money to still be made.

Will Taylor Sheridan continue “Yellowstone” without Kevin Costner? (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network)

Make sure to keep checking back to OutKick for the latest “Yellowstone” updates as we have them. This situation is going to get a lot crazier before it calms down. That’s a guarantee.

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