Kayvon Thibodeaux Celebrates Nick Foles Injury With ‘Sleep’ Motion After Doing Extended Snow Angels Next To Writhing QB

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Kayvon Thibodeaux either had no absolutely idea what was going on around him, or chose complete disrespect on Sunday afternoon. The Giants first round pick celebrated a sack on Nick Foles as the Colts quarterback laid injured on the ground next to him.

The bizarre moment unfolded late in the second quarter of Sunday’s game.

Foles, starting for Indianapolis, took the snap on 3rd-and-4. He dropped back in the pocket, did not sense the pressure off of the left edge and took a big hit from his blind side.

Thibodeaux was the one who made the tackle, which forced a punt. The 22-year-old rolled over onto his back and proceeded to celebrate by making fake snow angels.

Next to him, Foles laid on the ground and was writhing in pain.

Kayvon Thibodeaux did not recognize what was happening right away

However, as his celebration continued, Foles could not get up off of the turf. He rolled back and forth next to Thibodeaux while holding his chest.

Thibodeaux did not stop celebrating, even as his teammates came over to help him up. Thibodeaux continued, even as a Colts trainer ran out to check on Foles.

It is possible to give Thibodeaux the benefit of the doubt on his snow angels and assume that he was just completely in his own world. But there is no reason he should not have picked up on the severity of the moment, especially after Foles stayed down next to him for as long as he did.

Where it is not possible to give Thibodeaux the benefit of the doubt, was with what he did next. As the Indianapolis staff checked on Foles, who remained down, the Giants edge rusher returned to the sideline.

He continued to celebrate and motioned that he put Foles to sleep.

Foles was later ruled out with a rib injury. He did not return to the game.

After the game, Thibodeaux addressed the situation.

Thibodeaux’s actions are certainly controversial, and his sideline “sleep” motion makes it hard to believe that he did not understand that Foles was injured while he did his extended snow angels.

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  1. Lack of situational awareness for the snow angels on the field lying next to Nick Foles, and Poor Taste for the sleep gesture on the sidelines. Hopefully there is a Solid veteran that can point this out to Thibodeaux.

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