Kayleigh McEnany Tests Positive for COVID-19

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Monday morning, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany announced that she tested positive for COVID-19.

McEnany, 32, had previously tested negative every day since Thursday. She claims in her statement that she had no knowledge of Hope Hicks’ diagnosis prior to the White House press briefing last Thursday. 

McEnany will work remotely during the quarantine process.

We at Outkick wish her the best and a speedy recovery.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. She says she feels fine so again testing positive is not the primary factor its hospitalizations and deaths which are and have been way down and how come its seems like its only R’s testing positive no D’s??. Very odd to me all this ramping up like this just prior to the election don’t know just sayin.

  2. Are we going to Pretend China 🇨🇳 is not behind all of this 2020 mayhem? The mayhem set off by a virus from China as early as Oct/Nov 2019 after Trump pushed the next phase of the trade deal. The team from China came to the US to infect Americans.

    It didn’t work then, so plan B was to infect all of Wuhan and then the world.

    Go see the move ‘sum of all gears’ … same concept, but replace a nuke with a virus 🦠

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