Kay Adams Admits She’s Never Watched ‘The Sopranos’ After Sitting Next To Famous Character

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Fans of “The Sopranos” and Kay Adams will love this … capisce.

The best eyes in football โ€” Up & AdamsKay Adams โ€” attended an NBA game Monday night between the Knicks and T-wolves when she ran into a familiar wise guy.

Kay Is Must-Watch TV

“Sopranos” fans would have been star-struck, but Adams was completely unaware of the fictional New Jersey mobster she was sitting next to.

Adams begged the internet for help to identify the TV star, also admitting to never having watched “The Sopranos” (a popular pick for best TV series of all time).

“Never watched the sopranos but know heโ€™s in it.. NAME THIS MOBSTER!!!” Adams tweeted, with a video of the mobster in question.

Adams shifted the camera to Steve Schirripa, a.k.a. Bobby Baccalieri (or “Baccala”) from the famous HBO show.

Bobby B. was an integral character in the show, whose story arc led him from a shy errand boy for Tony Soprano’s uncle Junior to one of Tony’s right-hand men in the final season. Baccala was also a New York Giants fan in the show.

Tony Sirico, Steve Schirripa and Michael Imperioli (Photo by J.Sciulli/WireImage)
Steve Schirripa, James Gandolfini and “Sopranos” creator David Chase (Photo by Theo Wargo/WireImage)

Aside from his on-screen roles, Schirripa is also known for getting flipped as a real-life baseball fan: once a Mets fanatic before a poor customer service experience at Citi Field turned him into a Yankees fan.

As for Adams, she continues to be a showstopper.

(Question: which is the best Sopranos episode of all time? And why is it “University”?)

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