ESPN Quietly Ended Katie Nolan’s Show

In 2017, under then-president John Skipper, ESPN signed Katie Nolan to an eye-opening contract for over a million dollars per year. While the network didn’t have a clear plan for Nolan, who came over from Fox Sports, it highlighted her signing with an ESPN+ show, Always Late.

Readers have recently noticed that Nolan has changed her Twitter bio to refer to her weekly show in the past tense. shows Nolan made the change sometime in 2021.

Always Late has not aired in over a year, which some viewed as a hiatus during the pandemic. But that isn’t the case. Sources tell OutKick that ESPN has quietly ended Nolan’s show.

When reached by email, ESPN confirmed to OutKick that the show would not return.

Nolan once compared Always Late to John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. However, it never took off.

In 2019, ESPN moved Always Late off ESPN+ to ESPN2, after failing to draw significant users to its streaming platform. Nolan’s show didn’t work on linear TV either.

Always Late was a costly swing and a miss. In addition to Nolan’s seven-figure salary, ESPN tried to bolster the show with an expensive behind-the-scenes staff, all to no avail.

Now that Nolan’s major platform is gone, it raises some questions about her long-term future at ESPN. Though in the short term, she is staying put. Nolan just re-signed with ESPN last year to continue her podcast, Sports?, and her regular appearance on ESPN’s Highly Questionable, another program with a cloudy future.

Nolan’s latest extension didn’t come with as much fanfare as her first signing did, but it wasn’t without noise.

Around the same time of the deal, ESPN laid off Nolan’s podcast producer and co-host, Ashley Braband, and Nolan hinted then that had she known Braband wouldn’t return, she may have also left:

“There was a lot to weigh with that,” Nolan said in 2020. “It’s also very difficult for me to have just told a company I’m going to be here for a little bit, and then have this happen in a situation where normally I’d be like, ‘Well, then I go.’ But now, I can’t do that.”

Given Maria Taylor’s absurd demands, this is a breath of fresh air for ESPN.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. “Can I go too”? Where? Nolan is a woke loser with a little bit of talent. No clue how she got her FS1 gig and why ESPN paid so much. It’s nuts. I guess that’s hot female privilege?

  2. And they were so angry when Whitlock pointed out her lack of talent. Turns out, ESPN agrees. Here’s a thought: men, the number one demographic of sports, don’t want to hear female takes on male sports! No amount of woke hand wringing will ever, ever change that.

  3. Katie Nolan gained her “fame”(?) admitting on-air that she once “traded oral sex” for a tray of Oreos. Nothing she has ever done/said on-air ever came close to equaling that.

    Did Jon Skipper do ANYTHING right during his train wreck reign as King of ESPN?

    • Skipper got what he wanted…wink wink nod nod….”Hey Skipper you seen Nolan,
      Skipper: “Nolan, Nolan, Nolan, you mean Ryan? Shit he retired like 35 years ago.
      “No Dumb ass, that sweet little blonde you hired because of her “Journalism skills”.
      Skipper: ” ha ha yeah her Journalism skills…uh I think she is “helping” out Stephen A right now….”

  4. ESPN-“Lets hire real journalists that will bring in our target demo…Males. Ms. Nolan, how would you like a job? You have the attributes that our male viewers are interested in…who knows maybe you might have an opinion on sports they will like as well. Wear this, smile, and be sweet and flirty. Here is $1,000,000 for this arrangement! Good Luck Katie, this will be so easy for you, a piece of cake….look good, say little that is controversial, you know, take into consideration the vast majority of who your viewers are…blammo you got a hit!
    Katie Nolan: Oh yeah, skipper…you think I dont have opinions? You think that men will not appreciate me? You think I need to be competent, and professional, and have integrity? Fuck you skipper, I got this! Hold my Beer!
    Nolan to audience…”You know what the problem with sports is…White Men..ya’ll are so racist! That is why poor Lebron cant get ahead and life…because you are all bigot! Fucking white men, I swear.”
    Skipper to Nolan: You had one fucking job you dumb ass, look good, and dont piss off the fans…oh but what do you do…Fuck Nolan, see if you can catch a ride with Dan Lebetard before he leaves the parking lot…ffs.

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