Katherine Webb IS BACK After Her Husband’s Big ‘Meaningful’ XFL Win

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It was a blast from the past Sunday in San Antonio where Katherine Webb was making headlines as her husband, AJ McCarron was leading his St. Louis team to an opening weekend win.

“Not many ppl know how meaningful this win was but you a baddd man, ” the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model wrote on Instagram about her hubby’s first win as a starting quarterback since January 2016 in the final game of the 2015 NFL season.

What’s Webb mean when she says “meaningful” in regards to an XFL win? In December, AL.com wrote about how McCarron hasn’t played since August 2021 when he tore his ACL during an Atlanta Falcons preseason game. The former Alabama national champion quarterback didn’t find a job in 2022 and appeared to be out of football for good when his son started asking questions.

“I had a couple of (NFL) workouts during the (2022) season, and for whatever reason, things didn’t work out,” McCarron told AL.com. “But my son got to play football for the first time this year, so being able to coach him, and he works an I-Pad like no other now and he can look up YouTube highlights and stuff, so he basically came to me and said he wanted to watch me play again, and this is a great opportunity to be back out there, show that my knee’s healthy and I’m good to go.”

Sunday, AJ’s son got to see dad play football and pull off quite an ending. Dad threw for 123 yards in the final three minutes of the game and found Austin Proehl on third and 7 for a touchdown with :16 left on the clock.

St. Louis wins 18-15.

McCarron’s back. 33-year-old Katherine Webb’s back. Just like that, we have ourselves some news from the XFL.

Suddenly it feels like 2013 and Brent Musburger is in the ESPN booth appreciating the beauty of Webb and McCarron is winning national championships.

If you don’t believe me about this feeling like 2013 all over again, watch former Internet viral superstar Dee McCarron (AJ’s mom) losing her mind as the Battlehawks finished off San Antonio.

Even Dee IS BACK. Wha a day for the McCarron family. It feels like old times for them and for me here at my blogging desk.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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