Kate Hudson Goes Topless At The Pool, Seems Ready For Summer

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The last time I checked in with Kate Hudson she was selling some sort of workout pants that exposed some skin. That was January. The 44-year-old actress was clearly indicating she was going to have a big 2023 in the content department and that was CONFIRMED Tuesday when Kate unleashed a topless sunbathing photo on Instagram that had her brother, Oliver, running for cover.

“Jesus no Kate,” Oliver Hudson announced just after the photo series went live.

“Summers just begun Oliver… it’s gonna get wild. You should unfollow,” Kate fired back at her older brother.

There it is, guys. I’ve tried to warn you we’re about to have a historic content summer out of some names that were hot 15-20 years ago. Elizabeth Hurley has leading the charge with Salma Hayek jumping on the bandwagon with a number of other ladies who are unleashing content waves unlike anything we’ve seen since before the 2020 Summer of Woke.

The ladies who spent the past three summers being woke, fighting against greenhouse gasses, COVID and politicians seem to be figuring out that they were wasting their prime summers in life on nothing.

Ladies, get on Kate Hudson’s level.

She’s promising a big summer of content AND she has her own line of vodkas because she’s a big fan of dirty martinis. In 2022, on TikTok, she shared the proper way to order a dirty martini.

“Can I have a dirty martini?” Kate asks the imaginary bartender, before ramping up the verbage. “Can I have a filthy, dirty little martini?”

“Can I have a little, like, s*** muffin dirty, sleazy martini?” she continues. “Can I have a little whore cookie, skanky martini?”

There you have it. Kate Hudson says she’s in for a big summer.

Buckle up.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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