Kate Hudson’s Butt-Baring Activewear Pants Are Being Blasted By Social Media Haters

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It turns out not all women were waiting for Swiss-cheese, buns out butt-baring workout leggings from Kate Hudson’s activewear brand.

The actress is being torn a new one over the “Spotlight Shaping Ass Out Capris” being sold by Fabletics, an activewear company Hudsome co-founded nine years ago with two dudes as a cheaper alternative to Lululemon. The assless chap leggings, which go for $85 on the Fabletics site, became famous back in April when Lizzo started stuffing her huge ass into these capris that she’s now selling under her own clothing label called Yitty.

But it’s Kate Hudson who is now facing the blowback from women who are now analyzing this look on social media.

“I can’t believe these are so reduced! I’m going to look so great on the treadmill,” quipped a shopper who received an 80% off alert for the suns out buns out pants from Fabletics.

“Listen, I will support Lizzo till the day I die. I wanted to love these, but simply could not,” wrote another. “This style, yes, is hard to pull off. When I put them on, they had looseness in areas that were NOT flattering in the thigh area. The waistband was thin and offered ZERO compression and made the not so flat stomach of mine look WORSE…. it is possible this style just wasn’t for me, but I feel like with an a$$ this great, it is almost impossible to make it look bad. These leggings, did just that. They were returned.”


“I cannot believe it started at £84?! Its got half the material of normal leggings, what a rip off!” wrote another customer who doesn’t sound like she’ll be sliding into the Spotlight Shaping Ass Out Capris anytime soon.

As for Hudson, 43, it doesn’t appear there’s evidence of her using the Ass Out Capris during a workout. After an analysis of her social media content going back to 2021, it appears Kate is more of a traditional workout gear fan. We’re talking leggings and the typical workout tops worn by women when they want you to know they haven’t been skipping abs day.

Those of you thinking about snapping up the Ass Out Capris for your girlfriend or wife for Valentine’s day better hurry. Extra small, small and medium is all that is left in stock.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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