Karine Jean-Pierre: Historically Dumb, Incompetent Press Secretary: Clay and Buck

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Clay Travis and Buck Sexton discussed their thoughts on President Joe Biden and his administration.

“[Biden] is the worst president in any of our lives and probably the dumbest president in any of our lives and maybe the worst communicator in any of our lives,” Clay said. “Like every box that you can check for worst, Joe Biden, he’s done it and he’s managed somehow to pick the worst and dumbest people to represent him in his administration.”

Clay said, “we have a team of incompetence, the likes of which our nation has ever seen before.”

Clay details Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre trying to answer a question, that is expected and part of her job, but she scrambles.

“She’s being asked every day about the issues that every single one of our listeners is considering, that all of you out there are prepared to have an opinion on, and she can’t answer them back. I mean, it’s an embarrassment,” Clay said. “And increasingly it feels and I’ve been making this argument for a while now, but every day gets more valid. It feels like the Biden administration is tanking for the overall number one pick in a sports context where the incompetence is the goal. On some level, I’ve never seen anything like it. They’re so bad.”

Listen to what Clay and Buck had to say below:

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