Karen Rovell Tries to Covid-Shame UGA Fans, Gets Immediate Smackdown

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Oh, poor Karen. One would think after the stomping that he has taken for the last several weeks with college football has come back he would let it lay low.

One does not understand the self-importance of Karen Rovell. He took to his twitter to show a couple second clip of fans at the UGA thumping of Auburn. The shot was a low angle to make it look like the stadium was packed tight.

He was quickly dominated by the rest of the logical world.

Our personal favorite came from Anthony Dasher, who covers UGA for the Rivals network and who gave Karen the aerial view of the stadium.

Several Joe Kelly pouty faces made its way into the thread; the Kate Plus Eight [Karenning Intensifies] was also a big reply option for many folks.

If you would like to chime in and give him your favorite gif, that thread is right here for your amusement.

Clay also wasted no time in giving Karen the business.

Written by Jaxon Stevens


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  1. Karen Rovell stories are my favourite! I did not know who this guy was until recently here at OK. That tweet from Clay is awesome. “Kate plus Eight” 🤣🤣🤣

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