Karen Forde Celebrates Perceived Mask Enemies Losing In NCAA Tournament

Stop for a second on this glorious Monday morning in March and think about how happy Pat Karen Forde was this weekend when Illinois, West Virginia and Texas Tech lost their NCAA Tournament games. The silver fox wasn’t giddy (that we know of) because it helped his bracket. The Sports Illustrated writer was giddy because it meant that COVID mask archenemies (in Karen’s eyes) Brad Underwood (Illinois), Bob Huggins (West Virginia) and Chris Beard (Texas Tech) had been eliminated from the Tournament.

Here we were as a nation, on the edge of our seats, looking to see which teams would advance to the Sweet 16, and Forde was running through his mental notes on which college basketball coaches “seemed the least interested in wearing their masks this season.” Pat Karen sat there in Indianapolis mentally fist-pumping that his COVID enemies had lost.

What makes Forde’s giddiness even more interesting is that it was Jim Boeheim who had mask issues all year, not necessarily Bob Huggins. Was Karen Forde prepared to put Boeheim into his mask police tweet if Syracuse had lost? Let’s go with yes.

Surely Pat didn’t miss the February 9 Letter to the Editor section from Syracuse.com when Ellyn Roloff of Baldwinsville, NY went off on the ‘Cuse head coach:

To the Editor:

Can you please do another story about the way Jim Boeheim “wears” his mask at Syracuse University basketball games? He should be ashamed of himself and he should be fined or censured for his lack of consideration and sense of responsibility. During a recent game, he had it around his chin while he was shouting at a player and a ref. I don’t care how much money he makes for the university; he needs to be intent on keeping others safe!

It’s entirely possible Pat’s going to keep celebrating when coaches who don’t follow his mask rules lose in the Tournament. Maybe he has a Boeheim tweet locked and loaded like Karen Rovell has 200 random tweets ready to snap off during events like the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, etc.

Pat has now spent the last year of his life fake fighting a war that was all based on earning street cred amongst fellow blue checkmarks and media elites. Originally, it was a war based on owning Trump. Pat, Christine Brennan, Dan Wolken, Peter King, etc. can’t do that anymore so they have to find new targets. This weekend Pat used Underwood, Huggins and Beard as Trump fill-ins.

Now let’s see if Pat turns on the Christian schools left in the tournament. Will he turn on Sister Jean for some Catholic priests sexually abusing boys? Will Pat cheer his heart out for Arkansas against Oral Roberts because ORU supported Trump? Will Pat cheer for UCLA because Trump appointed two Abilene Christian grads to federal judge assignments?

And then we have Pat in a real predicament when Baylor faces Villanova. The Baptists vs. the Roman Catholics. Pat’s going to give Google a workout trying to figure out which school deserves to lose this one for religious scandals, mask issues, how they handled COVID lockdowns, etc.

In other words, we definitely haven’t heard the last of Karen Forde as he roots for his enemies to be eliminated from the NCAA Tournament for reasons not related to basketball. Buckle up, Pat’s just getting started. He has an ideology war to win, not a bracket challenge.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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    • Hahaha he probably does believe that. Talk about two things are wholly unrelated in the world. Good gravy these whiny ass journalists stretch and stretch the truth to fit their warped sense of the world.

  1. Always have to wonder if it is a business decision by Sports Illustrated. Advertisers want a place to appear “woke” without having to take the criticism.

    I know the writer might believe what he is doing is important but the editors and marketing department will be looking at the dollars made or lost.

  2. I remember when I was a kid and my grandfather got me an SI subscription. For my entire childhood and teenage years, every Thursday was SI day. Great writing, features, photos, and by and large it was about SPORTS. To anybody wondering “whatever happened to SI?”, here is a shining example of their stupidity. It’s really sad that nothing, no institution, magazine, show, etc, can just be about sports anymore.

    Not to mention Forde is such a childish little titty-baby. And about COVID????

  3. I always refer to March 2020 Fauci in these situations:
    “There is no evidence…that masks do anything to protect the general public from the virus”.

    March 2020 Fauci is the only honest Fauci, before he was re-programmed by the WHO (Woke Health Organization).

  4. All these losers writing for USA Today, SI, Yahoo, the athletic. Fuck them all. Let’s not forget if they had their way sports would not have been played! They wanted everyone to be like the IVY league and curl up in the fetal position.

    Do NOT click on their articles. That is how these assholes get paid. In fact email their publications and question why one would employ a sports writer that doesn’t like spirts and wants to opine on everything but actual sports.

  5. The next round of Cancel Culture will come when Trump starts his own platform. You just know at least 80M+ will want to subscribe and follow….but how many actually will in fear of going on the Left’s “Hit List” of Americans who will all of a sudden be “looked at” under the FBI’s microscope?

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