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Kanye Feeling Dissed By Michael Jordan

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Kanye West isn’t Jerry Krause, Gary Payton, or Isaiah Thomas, but to Michael Jordan, he might as well be. His Airness, as you may have heard, isn’t one to squash a beef. He holds as many grudges as scoring titles and championships, and one of them is apparently against Kanye West.

“Jordan still won’t meet with me,” Kanye said as part of an appearance on the “Drink Champs” podcast.

West, who did the entire interview in a pair of gloves because…well, I have no idea why, said Jordan’s gripe stems from a 2016 song on West’s The Life of Pablo album that takes a few verbal jabs at Nike.

On the track “Facts,” the rap mogul and Adidas partner throws shade at Nike’s Jumpman (Jordan brand) when he sings, “Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman.” West has sole control and ownership of Adidas’ Yeezy brand.

West appears to view the line as normal hip-hop banter, no different than rapping about your car being more expensive than the next guy’s or your weed being more potent than your neighbor’s. MJ sees things differently.

“Jordan still won’t meet with me. I’m trying to meet with Michael Jordan,” West said via the podcast. “I’m like, man, ‘It’s a song, man.’ Michael Jordan said this thing like, ‘Why y’all acting like [Nike designer] Virgil [Abloh] made me hot? These shoes is hot.’”

The former Mr. Kim Kardashian shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for a meeting with Jordan. As Gary Payton can attest, Jordan tends to take things personal.

Michael Jordan's "And I Took That Personally" | Know Your Meme

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Written by Anthony Farris

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