Sad Kansas Fan Who Went Insanely Viral For Depressing Sign Has New, Happier Sign With College GameDay Coming To Town

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Kansas football is good again. As a result, one of the most famous college football memes is no longer relevant.

At least, for now.

Back in 2017, when the Jayhawks went 1-11, a student went insanely viral for his extremely depressing sign. Sophomore Cameron Werner stood in the stands, by himself, as Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma stomped Kansas 41-3 in Lawrence.

It was yet another ugly loss for a team that was completely helpless at the time. They were abysmal and there was no hope in sight.

Werner was sad. To let everybody know how he felt, which is a very healthy practice, the pre-sport management major held a sign that read simply, “I AM SAD.”

Of course, the camera focused-in on Werner. And of course, the internet took the moment and ran.

Moments after the sign was featured on the broadcast, Werner was everywhere. That continued to be the case over the last five years and the depressing sign makes its way onto Twitter in nearly any relevant situation.

However, it cannot be used for the Jayhawks so far this fall.

Kansas fans are not sad!

Werner’s alma mater is 5-0 for the first time since 2009 and is hosting College GameDay this weekend. There is a lot of buzz around the job that head coach Lance Leipold is doing, which has led him to be in the mix for multiple high-profile openings across the country.

While Leipold’s departure feels inevitable, that is not putting a damper on spirits in Lawrence. Jayhawks fans are happy, including Werner.

When GameDay sets up at Kansas’ flagship university on Saturday, Werner will be there. There will be two glaring differences, though.

Werner is older, for one, and he is happy. His sign will reflect that emotion, five years after breaking the internet for being sad.

It has yet to be seen if Werner’s positivity will continue into the weekend or into the remaining gauntlet that Kansas will run in the Big-12. Either way, he found joy. For now.

Written by Grayson Weir

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  1. While Leipold’s departure feels inevitable…

    Ah, no. He wants to be somewhere that gives his vision a chance to work. Based on how Solich and Pelini were treated at Nebraska and how his good friend Chryst was treated in Wisconsin he knows that won’t be the case at those places.

  2. Leipold needs to stay in Kansas where a 8-3 year will get you a little raise and a mid-level bowl-game/vacation – every year for 40 years.

    AgBurn will offer him 10year/$40million contract. He’ll accept while looking forward to his $10million buy-out in year# 3 as he realizes the SEC is more like the NFL except the players have motivation. Then join ESPN to do the halftime shows…

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