Kansas Farmer Claims She Makes Millions On OnlyFans From Hunting & Farming Content

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A Kansas farmer who goes by the name of Emma Claire on social media says she’s the talk of her hometown thanks to her exclusive content. She also says she’s unbothered by that talk because she raked in $8.5 million in just two years from her content.

So, what did she do with some of that money she earned? She bought a farm, which she calls her biggest flex, because at just 27 she was able to purchase an entire farm without the help of an inheritance.

Kansas Farmer Claims She Makes Millions On OnlyFans From Hunting & Farming Content
Kansas farmer makes millions on OnlyFans (Image Credit: Emma Claire/TikTok & Instagram)

That’s not all Emma has revealed about herself with her jocular content on TikTok and Instagram. She made some claims about her occupation as well as what kind of content her subscribers are shelling out their hard earned money for.

In a short video Emma says she could have been a doctor, but instead makes seven figures a year as a heavy equipment operator. She then added with another video that says 20,000 people pay her $10.99 a month to watch her farm.

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Those claims might be a little bit of an exaggeration and the bio on her exlusive content appears to confirm that. Emma probably operates heavy equipment on a regular basis and her subscriber count and amount of money she makes monthly is likely accurate.

Although, it’s highly unlikely her subscribers are tuning in for just farming content. And no I’m not referring to her hunting content. There has to be a weird fetish for that kind of thing, but it’s safe to say she’s doing more than that on OnlyFans.

She’s a top 0.01% creator on the subscription based platform. She also claims to be the highest earner on a lesser known competitor.

Those are feats that aren’t accomplished with simple tractor videos. Baling hay isn’t getting you to those types of numbers either.

Written by Sean Joseph


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