Kansas’ Bill Self Says NCAA Is ‘Out Of Control’

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Less than a month from winning the NCAA men’s basketball title, Kansas coach Bill Self views the current college landscape as “out of control.”

Between the popularity of both the transfer portal and the still-new NIL landscape, Self theorizes that college hoops is headed in the wrong direction.

“I think it’s bad,” Self told Mark Berman of Fox 26, referring to the constant player movement that’s now common place because of the portal and name, image, likeness.

After acknowledging that coaches can come and go as they please, Self offered his perspective to Berman. “In theory, kids should be able to move too, but it’s out of control right now where the reason they’re moving is because ‘I can get a bigger NIL deal somewhere else,’ ” said Self. “I’m not sure the reason we’re moving are for the right reasons.”

“…I do think there’s something about us staying somewhere and fighting through some stuff.”

Self continued to defend his stance that the college game is out of control, touching on the loosely defined rules and regulations associated with NIL. “Everybody’s kind of interpreting it their own way which is totally permissible and legal within the rules,” said Self, via Fox 26. “It’s changed the playing field to maybe where it’s not quite as level as what it potentially could be.”

Though he’s in favor of athletes and their families financially benefiting because of NIL, he’s not on board with decisions based entirely on the money. “…A kid shouldn’t transfer because he can get $50,000 more, or be told he can get $50,000 more somewhere else, and this place has actually done a very, very good job in helping develop him,” added Self.

You’re not in Kansas anymore, Bill. You’re in N-I-Hell.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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