VP Kamala Harris Visited Station Hundreds Of Miles From Real Border Crisis

On Wednesday, Vice President Kamala Harris — appointed by President Biden as the nation’s Border Czar — announced that she would be visiting the U.S.-Mexico border on Friday as part of a trip to California.

What the Vice President failed to disclose is the itinerary of her long-awaited visit to the border, 91 days after appointment, that took Harris to El Paso’s Border Patrol Facility.

Another missed opportunity to tend to concerns at the U.S.-Mexico border, Harris will be accepting media coverage at the facility located hundreds of miles away from the horrific coverage coming from McAllen’s border.

Displayed best in her interview with Lester Holt, Harris has continually dodged the border issue and angered Americans on both sides of the aisle as migrants continue to pour in, with thousands dying in the process.

Shocking stories of fatal accidents, starvation and dehydration killing thousands of migrants has been a reality contrary to what the media anticipated when singing the praises of Harris as Border Czar.

In strong opposition to the Remain in Mexico policies from President Donald Trump, the Democrats and media were also silent when he announced a visit to the U.S.-Mexico border in the coming week.

Released prior to Kamala’s border announcement, many speculate that the decision was a direct effect of Trump’s action for an answer.

The NY Post reports, “The White House on Wednesday, 91 days after President Biden tapped Harris to handle the escalating crisis at the border, announced that she would accompany Homeland Security Secretary Alejando Mayorakas on a trip to El Paso, Texas.”

In an interview with Harris Faulkner covering Harris’ Friday morning trip, Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce spoke on the hypocrisy by the media in protecting VP Harris as borders stations are at-capacity — hosting hundreds of thousands of migrants.

“Because they are propagandists for the Democrats, they never really see clearly the politicians they’re covering. They never really see, or thought about seeing, what Kamala Harris accomplished, or did not accomplish as Californians will tell you when she was attorney general and when she was operating in California,” said Bruce.

She then proposed a reason behind the media’s recent flashes of critique aimed at Harris as frustration across America continues to swell as a result of this crisis. “The problem is, not only is she not the wish fantasy they had, she’s not doing a great job.”

Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. She keeps track of reporters she doesn’t like, including keeping track of the words they use to describe her. She dropped out of her party’s primary in December of 2019 and didn’t even win in her own state. She was in a snit around DC because she and her family were living alternate quarters while renovations took place at the VP’s primary residence. She’s a purportedly former well trained prosecutor who can’t provide direct answers to reporters on obvious questions. She is made the point person on a crisis at the border created by the president’s policies and waits for three months before going there for a photo op.

    She’s the walking definition of unserious incompetence.

  2. She got laughed out of her own primary like 5 minutes after her “this little girl got bused, mr. Vice President” speech. They didn’t like her. No one likes her. Her only leadership or assertiveness is this awful schtick, this Clare huxtable thing she does to demand silence from her opponent. It’s gross. Everyone knows it. So the current strategy for her 2024 campaign is to keep her in a basement like Joe and assume people will just “vote” the party. It’s pathetic

  3. As delusional as it sounds, KKKamoola is livid everyday looking at Jokkke Biden. Saying to herself “I should be president, not him”. I hear her and Jill can not be in the same room without a bitch battle erupting. The only solution for this mess is solved by “Where’s Hunter”, when he sees the mess in the White House, he says, “Screwed it! Lets get stoned”.

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