Biden State Dept Charging $2,000 To Fly Americans In Afghanistan Home

The Pentagon announced during a press conference on Thursday that they do not have an estimate on the number of Americans currently stranded in Kabul.

While thousands have been fortunate enough to escape the sabotaged city in Afghanistan, the concern with the American public has been how many are left to rescue and what the U.S. is proactively doing to ensure their safety. The Biden administration has been mum on the firm action the Taliban have promised to take against Americans, and with no estimate on citizens present in the capital city, some fear that not all Americans will be rescued.

Though it doesn’t know how many Americans remain in Kabul, the government does know the estimated fee that it will charge each one who is fortunate enough to catch a repatriation flight back home.

According to the DC Examiner‘s Jerry Dunleavy, a statement from the State Department’s Overseas Security Advisory Council claims that each American rescued from Kabul will be charged $2,000 for the United States’ services. The clause reads:

“Repatriation flights are not free, & passengers will be required to sign a promissory loan agreement & may not be eligible to renew their U.S. passports til the loan is repaid. Cost may be $2,000 or more per person.”

Earlier in the week, British paratroopers were spotted entering Kabul to rescue their citizens. Meanwhile, Americans hold their breath on swift action from U.S. President Joe Biden to promise a safe evacuation before the Taliban claim the airport, their final domino to tip.

The noted $2,000 cost may not be the most paramount detail facing the U.S. administration, but it certainly reveals the president’s ineptitude and cold-heartedness regarding those American citizens stranded in a hostile Kabul.

Aside from How many Americans need to be rescued? or What is the president doing to stave off international foes?, the only question that remains is whether rescued Americans will be allowed to pay this fee in monthly increments or whether they will be assessed late fees if they don’t pay it off at once.

One more question: will the people rescued in the Air Force plane also be charged?

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  2. This is not funny. The head of DOD said that American citizens don’t get priority. They abandoned our citizens. Not just the ones in Afghanistan. Our current President is not capable of rational thought. They are not hiding this. It’s in your face. If the possibility of President Harris and V.P. Hillary Clinton doesn’t wake people up, what will?

  3. This is a complete mess for sure. I’ve never seen a SECDEF and CJCS look so bewildered. So sad.

    But I doubt they’re charging $2K based on official communication that reads “costs may be $2000”

    And the 82nd Airborne has been there for a while protecting Americans and helping to get them out.

    I’d like to think Outkick is above click-bait. I’ve seen otherwise in the past few months.

    Let’s hope Americans get home safely – since it seems like hope is built in to their evacuation plans.

    • I couldn’t agree more. The true purpose of Outkick has been lost. Maybe what Whitlock alleged about Clay, et al is true after all. C R E A M get that money! $$$$$ yaaaaaaaaaaaaaal.

      In all seriousness though, I have noticed quite the uptick in click bait articles in the last several months.

  4. Just another day in the shit-show that is the Biden presidency. While we charge American citizens $2,000 to flee Afghanistan for their lives, who were only there working on behalf of the United States, we are giving illegal immigrants free room, board, medical, and flights to whatever city they desire.

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