Justin Turner Trolls Injured Dodgers Broadcaster David Vassegh

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Los Angeles Dodgers third basemen decided to have a little bit of fun with broadcaster David Vassegh who was the talk of the internet thanks to an ill-fated ride on American Family Field’s famous slide.

If you haven’t seen it, let us take a moment to refresh (even if you have, this video doesn’t get old).

And here’s an alternate angle:

The next day, Vassegh said that it was the “Spirit of gonzo” that led him to put his body on the line for the sake of journalism. While it was the kind of commitment that would have made Hunter S. Thompson proud, Vassegh will leave Milwaukee with a broken arm and a collection of cracked ribs.

Of course, some of his Dodger pals couldn’t let him live down the slide ride that will follow him for the rest of his career.

Justin Turner tweeted a new addition to the wall that Vassegh made famous.

That would be a tape outline of Vassegh on the wall that he now so famously crashed into. Turner (or whoever the culprit was) even thought to add Vassegh’s “Holy Crap” battle cry, which will no doubt be available on t-shirts at the Dodger’s next home game.

Slide expert Bernie Brewer also got in on the fun.

The Brewer’s mascot delivered flowers and a get-well card.

A true class act, that Bernie.

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