You Have To Respect The Hell Out Of Justin Thomas For Posting Video Grinding On Range With Pool Noodles Ahead Of Ryder Cup

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Despite his inconsistencies through much of the 2023 PGA Tour season, Justin Thomas received a captain’s pick and will represent the United States in the Ryder Cup later this month. It’s no secret that Thomas is searching for something, literally anything, that resembles form and has made it clear that he’s embracing the grind.

JT shared a clip to Instagram on Tuesday showing him working on a drill that involves two separate pool noodles and another alignment stick at his feet.

Golf fans will interpret the video in one of two ways.

They’ll either think that Thomas is really battling the swing demons and is doomed in the Ryder Cup or they’ll respect that he’s putting in the work on the range even if the pool noodle drill may look goofy for the everyday golfer.

Justin Thomas Isn’t Concerned With Providing Doubters With Fuel

Call me a naive American all you want, but I think you have to tip your cap to JT for sharing a glimpse into the process. You could even label the swing video as him being somewhat vulnerable.

Thomas has multiple targets on his back entering the Ryder Cup. European fans want to see a struggling Thomas continue to struggle in Rome. European players want to see that same version of JT, especially given that he’s been dominant in each of the last two Ryder Cups. Then you have the American golf fans who are doubting him, who don’t believe he should’ve made the team, and who are hoping for a ‘told you so’ moment if Thomas doesn’t bring his A-game, or even B-game, across the pond.


JT is literally giving the haters fuel by sharing his swing drill video as plenty of golf fans will circle back to it if he and the Americans don’t show up in Rome, which is why you have to respect the move.

For the record, plenty of the top players in the world do similar drills to Thomas’, but most folks will ignore that reality if things don’t go well in the Ryder Cup.

Most curious eyes were already going to be on Thomas when the Ryder Cup gets underway on Sept. 29 and his latest swing video created an even bigger audience.

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