Justin Fields Turns Into A Magician, Escapes Sack For Best Touchdown Of The Season That Didn’t Count

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Justin Fields did not score a touchdown during the seventh minute of the second quarter against the Eagles on Sunday. It should count anyway, just because of how insane it was.

On 2nd-and-27, the Bears lined up at the opposing 49-yard-line.

Fields took the snap and dropped back in the pocket and looked to pass. There was only one issue— none of his receivers were open.

To try and create time, Fields started scrambling. He cut left and saw nowhere to go, so he cut back to the right and stepped up in the pocket as it collapsed around him.

In that moment, it looked as though Fields was going to be wrapped up for a sack. Linebacker Hasaan Reddick had him all-but tackled in the backfield.

The “but” is the key word there.

Fields turned into a magician. Somehow, some way, he escaped.

After breaking through the defensive front, Fields went streaking down the sideline, converged on two Philly defenders at the 30-yard-line, and shook them both. From there, he spun, stutter-stepped and scrambled his way into the end zone for six.

Justin Fields score the most insane touchdown run of the year— or so it seemed.

Unfortunately, Fields stepped out of bounds at the nine-yard-line and it did not count. The lack of points doesn’t take away from how wild of a run it was, but it will not be remembered the way that it should because he did not score.

While rules are rules, it is time that we consider a change. If a touchdown run/catch/otherwise is insanely cool, but is overturned because someone stepped out of bounds or didn’t get two feet down, it should count anyway. Or maybe it should count as three points. Half credit for being awesome?

Regardless of how the Bears finish this season, Fields is the future.

Written by Grayson Weir

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