‘Justified’ Star Shares Insane Shootout Story: ‘Machine Gun Fire’

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Timothy Olyphant revealed the details of a terrifying shootout that occurred right near the set of the “Justified” revival.

A massive gunfight erupted near the set of “Justified: City Primeval” during summer 2022 in Chicago, and it sounds like the members of the FX production are damn lucky to have made it out unscatched.

“I drove up to Chicago and I worked there for awhile. It was a cool town. We got shot at, That was a bit of a bummer, but other than that, it was a cool place,” Olyphant said as if ice was running through his veins during an interview with Conan O’Brien.

The star of “Justified” described the situation as a “crazy shootout,” and his recollection certainly appears to back up that assessment.

Timothy Olyphant experienced a terrifying shootout near the set of the “Justified” revival.

“We’re about to get in this car and we hear gunshots, and we’d shot in some pretty tough neighborhoods. So, we’d heard gunshots prior to this, but it felt like eight or nine shots went off [mimics gunshots] from across the park,” Olyphant explained.

He further added. “It’s the scariest goddamn thing. It went on forever. So, then we started hearing cars [mimics car noise], So, they’re driving. You can hear them driving and you realize they’re coming around the park, heading right towards us and there’s and if the gunshots and stuff didn’t already kind of give you a tip on what kind of people we’re dealing with, they completely ignored the road closed sign, you know, where it says filming don’t come this way. So they’re coming straight down the street that we’re on and they’re just, you know, this machine gun fire and it was just insane … It’s a weird thing because everyone reacts so differently.”

Olyphant also said that at one point, he threw a production assistant out of the way once the bullets started flying, and ultimately estimated around “100 rounds” were fired during the “f*cked up” situation.

The cast and crew are very lucky.

This story from Olyphant really just goes to show how insane crime has gotten in America. A major Hollywood production was filming in one of the world’s largest cities and a full-out gun battle erupted right near the set.

As you can tell from Olyphant’s story. It wasn’t just a couple shots. It was a guy firing a round or two into the air.

Timothy Olyphant recounts shooting near the set of “Justified.” (Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage)

He described the situation as “machine gun fire.” Now, was it actually a machine gun? That’s not known, but someone who doesn’t know much about weapons could confuse some quick semi-automatic fire for fully auto or burst fire.

But as Olyphant described, the gunfire just kept coming. That’s absolutely insane, and it’s impossible to know what you’d do in the same situation until it happens.

Timothy Olyphant talks about a shooting near the set of “Justified: City of Primeval” in Chicago. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Fortunately, everyone on the set was just fine. It’s just a sad sign of where we’re at in America. You can’t even enjoy America’s cities without the fear of mass violence. It’s truly crazy.

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