‘Justified’ Revival Poster Sends Fan Excitement Soaring

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“Justified” fans are fired up after the poster for the revival dropped.

The highly-anticipated revival with Timothy Olyphant- “Justified: City Primeval” premieres July 18 on FX, and for the first time in eight years, Raylan Givens will be slinging lead at bad guys on our TV.

“Justified” was the best show on TV for its six season run, and expectations are the revival will absolutely dominate.

“Justified: City Primeval” premieres July 18. (CR: Chuck Hodes/FX)

The key art poster is out, and it definitely indicates Raylan will be back to his old ways. In the poster for “Justified: City Primeval,” the U.S. Marshal is wearing his iconic cowboy hat and reaching for a holstered Glock.

If that doesn’t set the tone, I don’t know what will.

Fans can’t wait for “Justified” to return.

“Justified” fanatics have waited nearly a decade for the show to return, and it’s finally happening in under a month.

In case you didn’t already know, excitement is off the charts. Just check out a few of the comments on the Instagram post of the poster for proof of that fact.

“Justified” fans can’t wait for the revival to start. (Credit: Instagram)
“Justified” fans can’t wait for the revival to start. (Credit: Instagram)

“Justified” is a great example of what great television can be when it focuses on just being entertaining above all else.

The original series was complex, dark, violent, suspenseful and incredibly engaging. The characters were deep and you found yourself cheering for them, even the villains like Boyd Crowder.

In fact, Boyd might have had more support at times than Raylan did from the fans.

Expectations for “Justified: City Primeval” are incredibly high. (CR: Chuch Hodes/FX)

The classic FX series never preached to viewers. It covered the storyline, was fun and just let the chips fall where they may. That’s the kind of content people crave. That’s entertainment at its best.

Now, we sit and wait for July 18 to get here. I already have the beer iced down.

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