New ‘Justified’ Revival Previews Promise Carnage, Plenty Of Nostalgia

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More previews are out for “Justified: City Primeval,” and the revival looks like it’s going to be must-watch TV.

The revival premieres July 18 on FX, and hype is through the roof. Fans can’t wait to, once again, watch Timothy Olyphant play Raylan Givens.

There’s no slicker talker on TV and you know things will get wild whenever Raylan brings his gun out of its holster.

We’re less than a month out from “Justified: City Primeval” premiering. Less than a month. That will pass in no time, and the latest two previews will only get fans more amped up.

“Justified: City Primeval” premieres July 18 on FX. (CR: Kurt Iswarienko/FX)

Two more “Justified: City Primeval” promos are out.

Two new promos have dropped over the past couple days, and both are bound to wet the whistle for fans.

It might be early for some of you reading this, but don’t let that stop you from cracking a beer before firing these up.

Preview one:

Preview two:

Fans can’t wait for the show to return.

The original saga ended in 2015 after six incredible seasons of watching Raylan hunt bad guys. More importantly, fans watched the U.S. Marshal wrestle with his own demons as he realized he wasn’t that much different from Boyd Crowder, the show’s ultimate antagonist.

Nobody was perfect in the show. All the characters were incredibly complex, which made the series so unbelievably fun.

Fans are excited for “Justified: City Primeval.” (CR: Chuck Hodes/FX)

Series with clear cut good guys and bad guys can also be great, but the gray area is where fans love to thrive. That’s simply a fact. That’s why people love shows like “Justified” and “True Detective.”

Now, the revival will get underway in a few weeks. The only unfortunate part is Walton Goggins won’t return as Boyd Crowder. That’s a real shame because it would have been perfect if they’d found a way to work him in.

Other than that, fans are pumped and excited.

“Justified” returns July 18 and fans can’t wait to see Timothy Olyphant, once again, play Raylan Givens. (CR: Chuck Hodes/FX)

Make sure to keep checking back for all our coverage and a full review once the show is back. As a “Justified” fanatic, I already have beer and popcorn ready to go.

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