J.R. Smith Gives Ja Morant Very Simple Advice After Multiple Issues Off The Court

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J.R. Smith thinks Ja Morant just needs someone he can talk to.

The Memphis Grizzlies star recently returned to the team following a suspension stemming from flashing a gun in a Colorado strip club.

After a very brief stint in counseling, Morant is back on the court for the Grizzlies, and so far, has managed to stay out of the news for negative reasons.

Ja Morant is back after multiple issues off the court. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

The former Lakers and Cavaliers shooting guard thinks Ja Morant just needs to find someone he can talk to who doesn’t want anything from him.

Smith said the following on the Snapback Sports Podcast (via BroBible):

For me, the only advice I can give him right now is to find somebody to talk to. Find an outlet, somebody who’s your confidant. Have real conversations with people… who don’t want anything from you, who aren’t in your pocket… Whether it be an old [NBA] vet, an old teacher, an old coach, or whoever that is for him. Or whether it be therapy. I don’t want to put that on him and say, ‘That’s what he needs,’ but I think a lot of professional athletes shy away from it because of the stereotypes.

Ja Morant has the chance to turn things around.

Ja Morant has really struggled off the court over the past year, and he’s faced several troubling allegations.

Here’s a quick list of the most notable ones:

The incident at Shotgun Willie’s was the breaking point. The moment he live streamed himself with a gun in a strip club, something had to be done.

The NBA hit him with an eight game suspension, and the message was sent that enough was enough. Now, it’s time to find out whether or not Ja Morant can turn things around.

J.R. Smith offers Ja Morant advice. (Photo by Adam Hagy/NBAE via Getty Images)

A large portion of his comeback story will depend on who he surrounds himself with. It seems hard to argue the people around him right now are the best influences possible. At the very least, it doesn’t appear that’s the case. At some point, his friends should have pulled him aside and told him to relax.

So, J.R. Smith’s advice for Ja Morant is solid and it’s simple. Finding someone to talk to could go a long way, and making sure that person isn’t a yes man will be key.

Will Ja Morant continue to stay out of trouble (Photo by Adam Hagy/NBAE via Getty Images)

Hopefully, Ja Morant continues to stay out of trouble and remains focused on just playing basketball. If he does that, the Grizzlies guard has a real chance to become an all-time great. However, his career could come to a quick end if there are more problems off the court.

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  1. Could the NBAPA create a group of retired players, like JR Smith, who “figured it out” to act as “advisors” to young guys like Morant – fresh out of “da hood” with a pocketful of $$$$ … and no clue how to protect themselves and their careers. No amount of “therapy” can be as useful as “sound advice from guys who have been there”.

    Whether those advisors are celebrities like Shaq and Barkley or NBA journeymen like Smith.

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