Joy Reid on Gabby Petito Coverage: Americans Suffer From ‘Missing White Woman Syndrome’

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Officials expect to confirm later today that the recently found dead body in Wyoming is Gabby Petito. For more information on Petito and her now-missing fiancé, Brian Laundrie, who is a person of interest in the case, read here.

As always, if it is information you are seeking, avoid listening to Joy Reid. In response to Petito’s grieving family, Reid got performatively mad on-air Monday. Reid is distraught, not because someone likely murdered Petito, but because the media is paying attention to a white woman

You read that correctly. Joy Reid, the media’s grossest member, again sees only skin color. In Reid’s eyes, Petito’s skin color is more noticeable than her dead body.

Reid also warned that the country suffers from a grave illness known as Missing White Woman Syndrome.

Take a look:

Reid’s above commentary follows a pattern of TV hosts weaponizing tragedies. If Reid has actual evidence that the media fails to cover missing women of color, that’s an evergreen story, one she can cover at any time. Instead, Reid made that narrative the lead story on her show less than 24 hours before officials planned to announce Gabby Petito’s death.

Reid reduced Petito to her skin color to score points with racially obsessed liberals. Questionable politics are understandable, but unnecessarily racializing a 22-year-old woman’s death is wicked. Imagine the type of person it takes to go on national TV and tell crying parents that their daughter’s death is only meaningful because she was born white.

MSNBC and Reid didn’t add anything to this story or bring effective awareness to missing black women. Instead, Reid spread divisive rhetoric that either a) affirmed to the left that the country is racist beyond hope, or b) convinced the right that race has blinded liberals.

Both conclusions serve the same purpose: they distract from the fact that someone — or something — cut Petito’s life short at 22. So in Reid’s mind, it’s mission accomplished. Reid knows that race-baiting shields her from declining TV ratings and her lack of on-air skills. That’s the gig.

In the past 16 months, Joy Reid has used Gabby Petito’s tragedy, George Floyd’s death, and the Americans who lost their lives to COVID to her advantage. When people die, Joy Reid sees an opportunity to stack her resumé. Because a resumé of hate, lies, and headlines is rewarded at MSNBC. 

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. I’m lucky enough to say that the only knowledge I have of what this thing says is from this website. But I can promise you this, if SHE disappeared, I certainly wouldn’t have “Missing Joy Reid Syndrome”.

  2. I mean… she’s not totally wrong but this is some low-brow shit. This story has received a ton of coverage, probably because Gabby was a young/attractive female. If you’re alcoholic Uncle Rico went missing I doubt people would give a fuck.

    Also, there’s a 100% chance the boyfriend did it.

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