Why Joy Behar, The View Can Make An Anal Sex Joke About Gay NFL Player, Carl Nassib

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If you had heard that a TV host made an anal sex joke about Carl Nassib one day after he became the NFL’s first active player to come out as gay, you’d wonder about the severity of the host’s punishment. Were they fired, suspended, or just forced to apologize for 12 straight months? 

How about none of the above? Must be an angry Leftist, I think I heard you say. Your instincts are spot-on.

When discussing Nassib’s announcement on The View, the always cringeworthy Joy Behar went for a laugh:

“You know, Ana, after they said ‘penetration in the end zone,’ they lose me,” Behar said. Her co-hosts pause for a second before laughing themselves. The entire scene is about as awkward as it gets.

Jokes have been labeled homophobic for far less. But unlike those before her, Behar got away with a weak, inauthentic excuse. 

“That inappropriate joke I made, for daytime television, scratch it, make believe I never said it,” Behar later said right before cutting to commercial.

Hmm, so she does not even have to give an apology. 

As readers of mine know, I’m the last person to call for a person’s job or an apology. I’m busy calling out double standards. (If I miss any, let me know. There are only so many hours in a day.)

People lecture us about “white male privilege” so often to distract us from those who are actually privileged: the highly-paid professionals whom decision-makers and critics are afraid to criticize at the risk of being labeled racist or sexist. Joy Behar is one such sacred cow.

How do we know Joy Behar is privileged? Imagine the public reaction had Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, Will Cain, Dave Portnoy, or Greg Gutfeld made an anal sex joke the day after Nassib announced he is gay. 

With her strange ideas and even stranger sense of humor, Behar would lead the way in demanding such a person step down. Behar recently suggested that all students repeat this past year of school and that someone should kidnap Tucker Carlson, tie him up, and leave him in a corner

She’s hateful, cringeworthy, and possibly homophobic. Yet, ABC is thrilled with Joy Behar’s performance anyway. 

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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  1. Listen I can’t stand any of those broads am amazed that show still airs never watched it but also the dude went national public on his sexual choice so get used to it he better not be the overly sensitive type that’s for sure.

  2. Joy sure would have had the freshman in my high school laughing like crazy 40 years ago. Just keep showing people who you really are, Joy. And nobody called her out?

    The size of this double standard almost can’t even be measured. Just imagine Clay saying anything close to this during a sports talk show. Conservatives get fired for making actual mistakes way less offensive.

    That being said, I hope he and the Raiders still lose to the Broncos.

  3. An asshole makes a joke about an asshole. Seems right to me. The greatest service Donald J Trump did for America was expose the depth of the corruption in America. He made the Democrat Communists openly display their communist goals. Joyless exposed her bigotry, no surprise to me. She is homophobic, a hypocrite and a hater. She should try out some Hunter Biden material, there is an abundance of it, with an audience who would welcome it. Who knew the Communist Democrats were bigots, hypocrites and haters. We all knew it. They are openly displaying there depravity for all to see. This is what we are up against. It ain’t pretty. This group of haters can not win. They can not be allowed to destroy America.

  4. I don’t care whom ADULTS choose to have sex. As long as two, or more, consenting adults are participating, it’s none of mine or the public’s concern. Those decisions are between them and their personal moral compass.

    That progressives are as hypocritical as possible is nothing new. The TV hosts listed would suffer the arrows of the progressives if they did as Joyless horse face.

  5. Remember, once upon a time she did a blackface get-up for Halloween — denied it — and then excused it by saying she had gone as “a beautiful African woman” and so there was nothing wrong with it. She even got Whoopi to agree with her. Hypocrites of the highest order!

  6. This is Exhibit A of Jewish privilege in American Media. This isn’t about being white, or even a woman. Behar is Jewish, and Jewish people are protected in the American Media. It’s that simple. Jamila Jameel made a joke like this while hosting her game show, she would have been fired.

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