‘The View’ Advocates For Tucker Carlson to be ‘Tied Up, Put In A Corner’

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The View says it is not advocating for violence while advocating for violence.

On Wednesday’s episode, Joy Behar got so mad about Tucker Carlson not covering white supremacy the way The View — the worst show on TV save for anything with Trevor Noah — does that she said Carlson should be “tied up and put in the corner somewhere.” Where is that somewhere? According to Behar, a place where “we never hear from him again.”

Seems unnecessary to me. You?

Sunny Hostin, one of the other always mad hosts, hit Carlson where it hurts, called his commentary disgusting.

“I was disgusted by what Tucker Carlson said,” Hostin responds. “How dare he say there was no evidence of white supremacy there?”

How dare he? Maybe he should act more like Joy Behar and call for those he doesn’t like to be captured in the night while sleeping and taken to a place far, far away.

As the show wrapped up, Behar interrupted her co-hosts to tell the country — those watching The View in 2021 — she was not advocating for violence.

“So let me just get that straight,” Behar says. “I don’t want to be perceived as someone who is violent in any way. I’m not.”

Oh, I see. So, maybe just break into Carlson’s home, steal him, tie him up, and drop him in an old building out of the country in a non-violent way? At least Behar is being considerate. She certainly doesn’t want Carlson hurt during the tie-up.

By the way, can you imagine if Tucker Carlson called for Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, or Sunny Hostin to be tied up? Brian Stelter would have to update his book, Jemele Hill would have to start a Twitter thread, ESPN moron Mark Jones would like tweets calling for Carlson to suffer, and the Washington Post would have to change its lede in tomorrow’s Tucker Carlson hit piece.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. i don’t know about all you other ‘whites’, but i don’t feel so supreme – not – one – bit.

    i feel like the butt of many jokes and comments in major media.

    i am also the punch line in most main stream tv commercials and online ads.

    if this is white supremacy, how do i quit/get out and identify as ‘other’?

  2. Taken to a place far, far away like China where they throw him into a concentration camp. Behar would not bat an eye if that’s what happened. Think about that. There’s people like that in this country who have platforms no matter what they say.

    • That’s where we are, Feddy…so sad…but they don’t play by the rules…and as Tucker said last evening in a brilliant monologue…the Dims now control the “NORMS”. “Norms” was the dog whistle all over the Comrade Socialist TV networks yesterday…so sad.

  3. This is honestly the worst part about Outkick. Why do I care what anyone on the View has to say? If you all didn’t tell us no one on this site would likely know or care. Please don’t get so sucked into the click bait, rile everyone up nonsense.

  4. Any woman who watches the View is a moron. Behar hates herself because she’s ugly as hell and stupid, McCain hates herself because she’s a fat pig, and the sista’s are racist fucks.

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