Josh Johnson’s Travels Around The NFL, At 14 Teams And Counting, Will Continue In 2023

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As NFL quarterback transactions go, Josh Johnson agreeing to a contract with the Baltimore Ravens on Monday is easy to overlook.

Johnson is a 37-year-old who is signing a one-year deal. If he takes a regular-season snap for Baltimore in 2023 it’s bad news. Because that will mean something went wrong with starter Lamar Jackson. And backup Tyler Huntly.

It’s quite possible the Ravens decide to go with only two quarterbacks on the active roster. So Johnson might not even be around when the regular season begins in September.

Josh Johnson's career continues with Ravens in 2023.
Josh Johnson has endured and continues to get NFL opportunities despite throwing only 13 career TDs. (Photo courtesy Josh Johnson Instagram).

Josh Johnson Keeps Coming Back

But that’s not the point.

This signing is a testament to endurance. And persistence.

It’s about never giving up on a dream even when it’s likely it might never fully come to pass.

Johnson just joined the roster of his 14th different NFL team. He’s also been on the practice squad of NFL teams seven different times. And he’s played in the XFL, United Football League and the Alliance of American Football.

Johnson has been a professional quarterback for somebody since 2008. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected him in the fifth round of that year’s draft.

The 14 teams on which Johnson has been signed to the roster are: Tampa Bay, San Francisco, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Buffalo, New York Giants, Houston, Washington, Detroit, New York Jets, Baltimore, and Denver.

And, it’s true, Johnson isn’t a star.

Never has been.

Likely never will be.

He has 13 career touchdowns and 16 interceptions in the NFL. He’s completed only 58 percent of his passes.

Josh Johnson as Brock Purdy's backup in 2022.
Josh Johnson served as Brock Purdy’s backup with the 49ers last season. (Photo courtesy Josh Johnson Intagram).

And yet, here he is for his 16th NFL and on his 14th NFL team. He’s signing with the Ravens for the third time, which is impressive except he signed with the 49ers four times.

Johnson played for the 49ers in the NFC championship game last season. When Brock Purdy injured his elbow, Johnson came in but left the game with a concussion.

Johnson has made $5,33,493 in the NFL. He might have made more overall but the UFL in 2012 and XFL in 2020 folded out from under him.

Johnson is the NFL version of Magellan, traveling all around the league. But amid those travels and the uncertainty of it, he’s never lost faith in himself or God.

“We all have a role to play,” he wrote on his IG account last year. “I hope that my work is a reflection of you. Thank you God for forgiving me and thank you Jesus for your sacrifice.”

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