Republican Senator Says Government ‘Downplayed’ UFO Situation, Whistleblower’s Claims Are ‘Plausible’

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Senator Josh Hawley believes the government has been less than fully truthful when it comes to UFOs.

UFO speculation has taken the country by storm, and Hawley is one of the main government leaders at the forefront of the issue.

He made waves when he claimed whistleblower David Grusch’s claims were “pretty close” to what he’d heard in a briefing. Grusch has made many claims, but none were bigger than the government allegedly being in possession of non-human origin crafts, possibly having the bodies of pilots and concealing the whole thing from some parts of the government. Hawley didn’t specify which claims were “pretty close” to what he’d heard.

Now, the Republican Senator from Missouri is continuing to weigh in on the situation.

Josh Hawley keeping an open mind about UFO claims.

“The number of these is apparently huge, huge. And that is something that the government has, the best I can say about it, downplayed, if not kept from the public, for a long, long time,” Hawley said during an interview with NewsNation about the current UFO situation.

As for David Grusch’s specific claims, Hawley said he doesn’t know if they’re specifically true, but doesn’t feel like anything can be ruled out.

“I don’t have any basis to evaluate them but do some of the details that he’s alleging, do they sound plausible? Yeah, sure. They sound plausible, based on what I’ve seen this government do in other instances,” the Republican Senator told the outlet.

Hawley also pointed to the Chinese spy balloon debacle as an example of the government concealing information.

“What we learned from the Chinese spy balloon incident is that one part of the government actively concealed it from other parts of the government. Because that’s what they do all the time,” he explained to NewsNation.

Are aliens among us?

As I always say, there is no reason to jump to conclusions. Grusch’s claims and all the incredible footage out there aside, there’s no concrete evidence aliens are among us.

Until a little green man steps to the podium, let’s not just assume that’s the truth of what’s happening. Keep an open mind, but also exercise extreme caution and common sense.

Are aliens real? (Credit: Getty Images)

Having said that, it can’t be overstated how significant it is multiple government officials are weighing in. Hawley has made multiple comments about the UFO situation we’ve all seen unfold, and all his comments raise more questions. What did he hear in a government briefing that was “pretty close” to what David Grusch had said?

That’s a very important question we need answered. Also, he’s now bluntly accused the government of downplaying the situation.

He’s also very open to the idea some of Grusch’s claims are “plausible,” while admitting he can’t confirm any of them. Those are legitimate comments that should be taken seriously.

Josh Hawley has an open mind about UFO reports. (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

Whatever the truth might be, the American public deserves to know. That’s something all freedom-loving Americans should agree on.

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  1. I’m sorry, but I just don’t care about UFO’s or aliens. If it’s true they exist, then they’re so far ahead of us technically it really doesn’t matter. I like Hawley, but both he and Tucker were a little too obsessed with this topic for my taste.

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