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Jordan Addison And Bryce Young On The Same Field This Fall?

The talk of the college football world over the last five days has been the decision of Pittsburgh WR Jordan Addison to enter the transfer portal. The forgone conclusion from reports last week was that he would most likely transfer to USC, but on Tuesday, there were reports of Alabama QB Bryce Young and Addison working out together in California.

According to the Athletic, Addison has been in Southern California training and putting in some work with the reigning Heisman winner. If you really thought that Alabama would not make a play for one of the most talented players in the country, you’re crazy.

No matter what is happening between USC and Addison, other schools were always going to be a factor. It sounds as though Jordan is at least weighing his options and taking his time on making a decision, which is a far cry from last week when his enrollment at USC was all but done. Things seem to change when Nick Saban gets wind of a potential offensive weapon hitting the portal.

Now, maybe this doesn’t lead to a thing. Maybe this is just two highly-skilled players working out with each other. But could you imagine what Addison would look like in the Alabama offense with Bryce Young throwing him passes? I know, it’s wild to think about. So with all the talk about NIL deals being offered and destinations already being decided, could Tuscaloosa be the place Addison decides to turn? Nothing would surprise me in this new era of college football.

We will have to watch where this goes over the next few days, especially with summer school starting around the country this month. Bring me the combo of Addison and Young in 2022, because a Heisman race between two teammates would be fun to watch.

Written by Trey Wallace

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  1. Saban told you NOT to allow the “Transfer portal,” but in the NCAA’s blind rage to “stop Saban,” they created a monster that only ENHANCES the wealthy teams — Like ALABAMA. This, NIL and all the other anti-Saban rules are biting back… the unintended consequences that befall those who use “feelings” over logic is always humorous.

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