Jonathan Papelbon Doesn’t Think Edwin Diaz’s Entrance Is That Great

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Retired MLB flamethrower closer Jonathan Papelbon, who is on the verge of finding himself as a hot-take TV show employee, has launched an attack on Mets’ closer Edwin Diaz that is raising emotions within the baseball world.

Diaz, who is officially a breakout star thanks to his dramatic entrances featuring the sounds of “Narco” by Blasterjaxx and Timmy Trumpet blaring through the Citi Field speakers, is Papelbon’s latest target in a summer where the former Red Sox closer has come out of nowhere to create at least 1-2 tabloid headlines per week.

“Everybody wants to talk about Diaz these days,” Papelbon said on “The Bradfo Sho” podcast. “I gotta let some of these people know where the walk-out song came out, and who is No. 1 all-time. When you hear ‘Shipping Up to Boston’, you know what’s up.”

It was also during this podcast where Papelbon declared that he would it PED-user Fernando Tatis Jr. every time he faced the Padres hitter.

But first, let’s address this Diaz entrance banger that Papelbon threw into the media world:

  1. The Diaz entrance is like watching a movie. The sound is better. The visuals are better. It feels like the entrance has been edited even though it’s in real-time
  2. Yes, Papelbon’s entrance is fun and the song plays to the local audience, but it doesn’t come close to the energy from Mets fans as their closer rolls in
  3. The Diaz trot matches the music
  4. Buck Showalter is holding off on taking leaks so he can catch the buzz associated with Diaz’s entrance
  5. What about Mariano’s entrance? Did Mariano even embrace that entrance music? I’m not sure he felt it in his soul.

All debate will be out the window if Fox Sports gets a Game 7 and Diaz trots out to close it out for the Mets. Laugh all you want, the Mets have a 25% chance of hosting a Game 7.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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