Jon Rahm Warns Potential Protestors To Stay Away From The Open: ‘You Don’t Want To Get Hit By A Golf Ball’

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A British environmental activist group called ‘Just Stop Oil’ made headlines earlier this month when protestors disrupted a match at Wimbledon by throwing puzzle pieces and confetti onto the court. Because, as we all know, throwing stuff onto a tennis court is going to end fossil fuel production.

With The Open being played in Hoylake, England, this week, some are wondering if Royal Liverpool could be a target, but Jon Rahm doesn’t think that would be such a good idea.

According to iNews, Just Stop Oil’s largest donor, Dale Vince, has said that “high-profile” events would remain the most likely targets for protests. Golf’s final major championship being held less than 15 miles from downtown Liverpool would certainly check the box of a “high-profile” event.

Jon Rahm Shares Warning To ‘Just Stop Oil’ Protestors

Rahm, the No. 3 player in the world, was asked about potential protests at The Open and he did not hesitate in sending a warning shot to the activist group.

“I do have a reputation so I hope they don’t catch me on the bad hole,” the Spaniard said.

“I know they’re going for an impact. I saw a couple of them in Wimbledon and obviously this looks like it could be a perfect spot. But we have nothing to do with it.

“Being a golf course in a bigger area that might have more room to run around and do what they need to do, but what I can assure you is you don’t want to get hit by a golf ball even if it’s on purpose or accident, you don’t want to be caught in the middle of that,” he continued.

Jon Rahm wins Masters, doesn't WD from RBC Heritage.
Jon Rahm isn’t messing around with potential protestors at The Open. (Getty Images)

Rahm mentioning protestors being hit by a golf ball “on purpose” is quite the statement.

Picturing protestors storming a fairway and a group of players running to their golf bags, throwing down a few golf balls, and hitting stingers at the protestors would be quite a scene.

‘Just Stop Oil’ activists protested on the track during the 2022 British Grand Prix and have made their ‘mark’ at major cricket and rugby matches as well. The group also protested Coca-Cola’s use of plastics by sitting in front of a Coke float during the London Pride march July 1.

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