Jon Gruden, Las Vegas Raiders Settle $100M Contract Following Coach’s Resignation

Jon Gruden is walking away from the Las Vegas Raiders’ head coaching job, and he’s bringing his due money with him.

After leaving the Monday Night Football broadcasters booth to reunite with his former team, Gruden and the Raiders inked a 10-year, $100 million coaching deal. Just three seasons into that deal, Gruden was led to resign from his position following controversy stemming from the NFL’s leaked emails.

Gruden has met with team owner Mark Davis to discuss the remaining figures in his deal, which included $40 million guaranteed. Davis assured that the team reached a settlement with the former coach, but the total payout remains under wraps.

Davis spoke with the media, via ESPN, and voiced more frustration toward the NFL’s handling of the messages than with his departing coach.

“It’s a timing issue, that’s probably the disappointment that I had,” Davis mentioned. “If we had gotten the information in the summer, when they learned about it, it would have been a lot easier for everyone involved.”

The emails were released days before the Raiders’ Week 5 matchup against the Chicago Bears. On game day, Gruden piled on the apologies before the media — sentiments initially voiced in the breaking Wall Street Journal report.

The email controversy first revolved around a “racist” description of NFLPA executive DeMaurice Smith. Days later, more messages were unearthed, containing “homophobic” language.

Davis believes that the League mishandled the emails — dated back to 2011 — heading into the 2021-22 season and has demanded an investigation looking into Washington’s involvement — which hasn’t been promoted as much the Raiders’ role.

“I think that there should be, yeah,” Davis said. “Especially with some of the things that were, I guess, charged. Yeah, I believe so, I think people deserve [a written report], especially people that were, quote, victims.”

“He’s hurt,” Davis commented, regarding Gruden’s current state, away from his 5-2 team. “He’s really hurt, and I understand that. But he understands the ramifications of what he said.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Gruden is the winner here. The man is obviously loaded from a career of coaching in the league. He seemed very content making a few mill a year calling Monday nights games. It took a $100million contract to get him out of the booth and quite honestly it seemed he didn’t take his coaching job all that seriously. Now he gets his buyout and he no longer has to deal with what the nfl has become.

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