Jon Gruden Resigns As Las Vegas Raiders Coach After More Email Leaks

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Jon Gruden and Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis met at the team’s training facility minutes ago and the two agreed the coach would resign effective immediately.

“I have resigned as Head Coach of the Las Vegas Raiders,” Gruden said in a statement released to various national media outlets, including OutKick. “I love the Raiders and do not want to be a distraction.

“Thank you to all the players, coaches, staff and fans of Raider Nation. I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt anyone.”

The Raiders announced they promoted special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia to interim head coach. Bisaccia will meet with the media at the regularly scheduled team availability on Wednesday, the club said.

The Gruden move has pretty much zero to do with football but rather a trail of emails that have been leaked, most likely by the NFL, to the Wall Street Journal three days ago and the New York Times on Monday.

The latest uncovered emails Gruden sent contained comments in which Gruden referred to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as a “f—-t” and a “clueless antifootball pussy.”

Gruden also said that Goodell should not have pressured former Rams coach Jeff Fisher to draft “queers,” in reference to Michael Sam, a seventh-round pick of the team in 2014. 

The New York Times story came after last week’s revelation that Gruden had sent an email containing comments regarding NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith, who is black, as having lips the size of “Michelin tires.” 

All these emails came into the NFL’s possession as part of a toxic workplace culture investigation of the Washington Football Team. The NFL is in possession of 650,000 emails relative to the WFT investigation.

Interestingly, not one email has been leaked about the Washington Football Team or club owner Daniel Snyder — the original targets of the investigation.

Gruden sent his emails to then-Washington team president Bruce Allen and the one reported by the Journal was sent in 2011.

In it, Gruden also said of Smith: “Dumboriss Smith has lips the size of michelin tires.”

The New York Times report also said Gruden, in emails, criticized the hiring of women as referees and also the acceptance of players protesting for racial justice during the national anthem.

The Times said Gruden also exchanged photos of topless women with Allen, including one of WFT’s cheerleaders. 

Gruden wasn’t an employee of the NFL nor the Raiders in 2011.

The NFL recently sent the emails in question to Davis, and the league was awaiting the Raiders owner to take action. That action, which didn’t initially include a suspension when Davis saw the first batch of correspondence, was all but sealed when the new revelations came to light.

Gruden took over the Raiders in 2018 when Davis gave Gruden a 10-year contract. Because Gruden resigned, the Raiders are likely not on the hook for the remaining portion of the deal unless the sides agreed otherwise.

The Raiders have a 3-2 record and are tied for second place in the AFC West.

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  1. I’m confused; what did Gruden say that was wrong or racist? D D. Smith does have big lips, nothing racist about that. Commenting on a person’s physical features isn’t racist.

    Goodell is a pu$$y; where is he wrong about that?

  2. The NFL HAS become a league run by spineless, woke little sissies. Goodell is the head charge. A steep cliff drop is only a few retirements, and several more woke edicts, away. The NFL is already on the downside after its 2000-2017 peak. We haven’t seen anything, yet.

    • He was emailing this stuff to the Redskins President. Bruce Allen and Gruden worked together and are friends. They are under league investigation for sexual harassment. I imagine the NFL’s going through everything.

      • I too was wondering how these were revealed and how the hell any of the content coming from Gruden’s email acct has to do with Goodell. I’m going to assume that it was Bruce Allen’s email acct that was NFL-purposed? If so, I still don’t get why the public is supposed to even fucking care about what was said 10yrs ago by a non-NFL employee. This is all so ridiculous, it might be the last leg of the NFL if they keep going down this insane witch hunt.

  3. Ridiculous! Gruden was and is a fantastic coach! We love him for his success and candor… he’s getting punished for being human! My father worked for the NFL for 24 years an the NFL was a huge part of our life… I’m done watching and caring about them and their advertisers. That’s how we strike back… TURN IT OFF!!!

  4. I don’t find any of these emails extremely offensive.. Said head of the NFLPA has big lips in a hilarious manor. Said Michael Sam was a token gay draft pick. Not wrong. Said Roger Goodell was a faggot. Ok. Called Goodell a pussy. Fine. Shared a tasteful topless photo. Cool. Criticized the inorganic racial justice virtue signaling movement? So what?

    None of this shit is that bad and was from years ago. All these owners are leadership in the NFL are pussies that will do whatever it takes to keep their own skeletons in their closets.

  5. The only owner with any balls at all is Jerry Jones (I’ve always hated the Cowboys). He is patriotic and at least pushes back against some of the woke bullshit unlike sissy boys owners like Jeff Lurie and the fat jerkoff in New England. Yeah, Jay Z can write songs referencing “Crackers” but they’ll put his rapper boys on for halftime shows. Fuck the NFL. I really like Gruden. He’s better off out of the shit league.

  6. At the end of the day he’s the face of a Billion dollar company. You can’t do stuff like that even if you are between jobs. You have to conduct yourself professionally.

  7. You can tell this whole fiasco is a blown up ball of shit the NFL and corporate media are trying to convince us of. Because the vulgarities are so thin and barely offensive unless you’re a giant bitch, they roll out the “1000s of emails leaked showing Gruden’s detestable, racist behavior’ so it sounds bad. When you actually read into it, all they can cough up is that the NFLPAs lips are big and that Goodell is a faggot? Wow, so much hurt, how will this country ever heal. If Gruden did anything demonstratively fireable, they would run with a headline that pinpointed exactly that. But it’s all sizzle, no steak.

    God I hate this timeline, this isn’t even about being macho, this is about being a normal human being and the stakes for being offensive to the woke left are so low, merely being white is an affront to these people. Fuck ’em all, let them get their own way while we create ours. Seems irreconcilable at this point.

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