College Football Insider Shares Hilarious Story About Johnny Manziel And Beer

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Johnny Manziel apparently isn’t a huge fan of zoos…..unless there’s beer involved.

Manziel has been the center of attention ever since Netflix dropped its documentary “UNTOLD: Johnny Football,” and I can’t recommend watching it enough. It’s a must-watch for football fans.

TexAgs owner Billy Liucci plays a major role in the documentary as a well-connected Aggies insider and friend of Manziel. He joined “Hot Mic” Wednesday to discuss the “UNTOLD” episode and dropped a truly hilarious story about Manziel being recognized everywhere and beer being a motivating factor for him going out.

“The San Diego Zoo, he was not recognized and the only way I convinced him to go because we had a few hours to kill, he Googled it and found out they sell beer there,” Liucci explained. Jonathan Hutton lost it laughing, and I don’t blame it.

I had the exact same reaction. Enjoy the clip below. It starts in the final three minutes of the interview.

Johnny Manziel went to the San Diego Zoo because it sold beer.

This is the definition of a classic Manziel story, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone. It shouldn’t surprise a single person.

Johnny Football agreeing to go to the San Diego Zoo because it sold beer is about as classic Manziel as it gets.

Johnny Manziel is back in the news thanks to “UNTOLD: Johnny Football.” (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

I also don’t blame him for wanting to booze it up while at the zoo. I’ve been to the San Diego Zoo. It’s arguably one of the most overrated places in America. It was hyped to no end before I went, and I didn’t find it any different than any other zoo.

Plus, do people really enjoy walking around in the hot weather looking at caged animals? At least some beers make it interesting. It raises the fun level. That’s just a fact. While there’s plenty of rip Johnny Manziel over, I’m definitely not going to hammer him over wanting a couple cold brews at the San Diego Zoo.

Johnny Manziel went to the San Diego Zoo because it sold beer. (Photo by Casey Sykes/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images)

You’ll never see me criticize anyone for cracking open a few cold ones, especially at the zoo. It was probably hot and JFF needed a little refreshment. I don’t hate it. Just another classic Manziel story, and we’re definitely here for it.

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