Remember When Johnny Manziel’s Sister Was Dominating Instagram? The Photos Are Still Up

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Johnny Manziel’s sister Meri used to be an absolute star online.

The Texas A&M Heisman winner is back in the news and blowing up Twitter thanks to the fact Netflix’s “UNTOLD: Johnny Football” dropped last week.

The awesome documentary takes a hard look at Manziel’s rise to the top of the football world at Texas A&M and then the crash that followed.

He went from winning the Heisman and setting college football on fire to being out of the NFL after two seasons. What followed was an all-time bender.

Johnny Manziel’s life story is profiled in Netflix’s documentary “UNTOLD: Johnny Football.” (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

Johnny Manziel’s sister Meri was a star in her own right.

However, there was another part of the documentary that jogged the memory of many fans:

Johnny’s younger sister Meri.

While Johnny Football was flaming out in the NFL and struggling with everything that came afterwards, Meri was crushing it on Instagram.

Strike when the iron is hot, and she definitely didn’t let her brother’s fame go to waste. She used to build an Instagram following and built a page loaded with bikini snaps.

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane.

These days, it appears Meri has settled down from days at the beach and is now focused on her family. My journalism skills tell me she’s married with a couple kids.

Good for her. Life changes over time, people enter different stages, grow up, get married, start families and look back at the memories.

It appears that’s where she’s now at, and it’s not a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all.

However, there’s no question Meri was an absolute star back in the day. A true champion of the internet. The joke used to be during Johnny’s downfall that she would turn into the real star when it was all said and done.

That obviously was just a joke, but never forget when she was hammering content on Instagram like it was going out of style. The internet definitely hasn’t forgotten.

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