Johnny Depp Refuses To Return For Another ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Movie: REPORT

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Johnny Depp’s days of playing Captain Jack Sparrow appear to officially be over.

Depp made an incredible amount of cash playing the pirate leader in five “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. However, Disney eventually separated itself from the star actor after his ex-wife alleged she was abused during their marriage.

Heard was taken to court by Depp, and he won a knockout victory that many saw as the end of the #MeToo movement.

The massive lawsuit victory and a successful rehabbing of his career and image left many wondering if he’d, once again, grab his sword for another “Pirates” film. Well, you shouldn’t bet on it.

Johnny Depp reportedly won’t do another “Pirates Of The Caribbean” film.

The Daily Mail reported Johnny Depp “has absolutely no plans to ever work with Disney again” in retaliation for how he was treated during the Amber Heard debacle.

He’s so committed to not working with Disney that he won’t play Jack Sparrow again, despite the fact he could earn $20 million for a sixth movie.

That means Johnny Depp is holding the line on his claim during trial that his time working with Disney was officially over.

“Pirates” producer would love to have Johnny Depp back.

While Johnny Depp might not want to play Hollywood’s most famous pirate one more time, the filmmakers would love to see him return.

“You’d have to ask them. I can’t answer that question. I really don’t know. I would love to have him in the movie. He’s a friend, a terrific actor and it’s unfortunate that personal lives creep into everything we do,” Jerry Bruckheimer told The Hollywood Reporter in 2022 when talking about if Disney would want Depp back.

While Bruckheimer seems very interested in Depp returning, there’s nothing he can do if the star actor decides he truly hates Disney enough to turn down a massive payday.

Will Johnny Depp ever do a new “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie? (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

The future of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is cooked if Depp is out.

Given everything Johnny Depp has been through over the past few years, you can’t blame him for holding a grudge. He was smeared as an abuser to then turn around and crush Amber Heard in court. The problem is that damage like that is hard to undo.

The other reality Disney needs to face is a new “Pirates” film without Depp agreeing to do it is very unlikely. Who would want to watch that? Captain Sparrow makes the film.

That means Disney might want to start to do some serious begging and apologizing to change Depp’s mind.

Johnny Depp reportedly has no interest in working with Disney again. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

For now, it appears Johnny Depp will continue to hold his line. That’s very bad news for “Pirates” fans and Disney.

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