Horse Kick Wound On NHL Coach’s Face Elicits No Questions From Media

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Philadelphia Flyers head coach John Tortorella showed up on the bench Tuesday night in Columbus rocking a nasty-looking injury.

Turns out it was the product of a kick from one of his horses. But you wouldn’t know that if you weren’t watching the Flyers lose to the Blue Jackets in overtime because no reporters asked him about.

Fortunately, consummate broadcasting professional and former goalie Brian Boucher told those of us at home what happened.

Thank you, Boosh. Had he not been the only person willing to figure out what the deal was, we wouldn’t know if that cut was from an errant puck in practice or one hell of a shaving cut.

You’d think that at some point once reporters were finished asking about the Flyers’ lousy forecheck in the first period that they’d ask about the horse-kicking incident.

They did not.

How is that possible? What happened to journalism?!

I get some people might think it’s impolite to ask what happened when someone shows up to work with an injury. But in this case, the record-holder for most consecutive shutout’s in the NHL’s modern era, Brian Boucher, already told us.

That kind of injury has a story, and from the sound of it, Tortorella could have been seriously hurt.

Flyers head coach John Tortorella looks on during the team’s loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets on Nov. 10. You read that correctly: the Flyers lost to the Jackets twice in under a week. (Getty Images)

Torts Is A Big Animal Guy

Horses are dangerous, which I think folks tend to forget. Thousands of years of breaking them have made people forget that they’re massive animals. People are more concerned about keeping their palm flat when feeding one a carrot than they are about not getting booted in the dome by an irritated filly.

Torts has a horse farm and is a well-known animal advocate. He knows as well as anyone that that can happen.

So, again, why didn’t anyone ask the question? There are no quotes from Torts on the matter, which is a shame because the guy is nothing short of a wordsmith.

At least we got this gem in the middle of the first period:

“We suck, we haven’t done anything,” he said when asked about the Flyers’ start to the game.

We were robbed of some Torts quotes on the horse matter.

Hopefully, that gets rectified soon.

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