Joey Bosa Exchanges Insults With Eagles Fans On The Street Before NFC Championship Game

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The San Francisco 49ers are in Philadelphia taking on the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game. Family and friends of the visiting team have made the trip to the hostile environment as well.

One of those family members is Los Angeles Chargers outside linebacker Joey Bosa, the older brother of San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa. He was spotted outside of Lincoln Financial Field by Eagles fans and, of course, heckled by them.

Not known as a guy who has the best control of his emotions, Bosa not only responded to the fans, he also traded insults with them. Following some loud “Bosa!” chants, he was asked “when do the Chargers play this week?”

Joey Bosa Eagles Fan
Joey Bosa exchanges insults with Eagles fan (Image Credit: Twitter)

Bosa, with a drink of some kind – possibly a cherry flavored Bud Light Seltzer – in hand, walks toward the Eagles fan and asks, “are you Snapchatting your little butt buddies? You fucking loser.”

The fan claps back, “No just videoing you, the guy who’s not playing today.” At this point the “Bosa!” chants resume.

Bosa points out to the fan that he’s not playing either before starting to walk into the stadium. As he’s walking away the Eagles fan asks him, “How are those fines, Bosa?”

The reference to Bosa’s $55k in fines he received for criticizing the referees following the Chargers Wild Card round meltdown didn’t sit well with Bosa.

So Bosa turned back and pointed at the fan while saying, “They’re good because I can afford them. Because I’m fucking rich, you fucking broke bitch.”

It’s Going To Be A Long Day For Joey Bosa And Company

That’s not a great start for Bosa in Philly. If he can’t ignore some pre-game chants without turning it into a heated exchange then he’s in for a long day at the Linc.

Slamming your helmet down, complaining about referees, and mixing it up with fans he could have easily ignored is exactly why he can’t have nice things.

Good luck, Joey. You’re going to hear things much worse than that from Eagles fans during and after the game.

Written by Sean Joseph

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